Pimax 5K Plus - The MRTV Review - 8.8/10


The visual difference 5K+ vs 8K from Sebastian’s review:

it seems that with these photos you can understand the small difference that exists between the headsets. And it is really thin:

  • 8K - small more blurry, less noticeable SDE (it’s hidden)
  • 5K + sharper and sharper, little SDE can get into the eye.

I would even say that 8K is different from 5K+, just as Odyssey + is different from OG Odyssey.
Probably, we can assume that 8K = 5K + with a filter from SDE. There is some analogy here.


But I was always interested in another moment, which is very important to choose.
Is the actual resolution of 8K higher than 5K +? (for some reason there are doubts)
But, if for example, 8K have Pentile-3840x2160 panels, then by SDE and clarity they will look like 2560x1440 LCD RGB panels. Then everything is clear and the choice is obvious.

Here are examples of the comparison of LCD vs Pentile:

Note 3: Pentile (1080p), Z Ultra: RGB (1080p), Note 2: RGB (720p)

The S4 uses PenTile and the HTC one uses RGB. Both screens are 1080p.

Who needs better colors and black level, and also needs an SDE filter of a diagonal pattern, they will choose 8K.
And who wants to look at the original picture without upscaling, then choose 5K +, but SDE will be a little more noticeable.

Pros and cons are in both headsets. But if you compare the price, then 5K + wins 8K without straining.
But I think now I can make a decision.
It was necessary for me in the autosimulators on the horizon that the pixel grid did not scratch the eyes. I think if a that with 8K it will be possible to achieve this, Then I would stay at 8K.

But if the difference in SDE is very thin, it would be better to choose 5K +, because I see it has more advantages: higher detail, higher clarity, better readability, 91Hz, no upscaling.
For me in 5K + everything is clean and transparent. But 8K is some kind of incomprehensible beast with strange screens trying to pull 4K resolution on each eye, but it fails, although SDE and less.

But I also hope for further reviews to some extent, in order to finally consolidate this attempt at choice. :slight_smile:


Ah, I see. They updated the Q after I backed but before the KS closed. Yeah, I’d chuck that up to the marketing folks not understanding the product (which was under extensive R&D at the time).


Personally, I rarely get sick from any game in VR unless it’s poorly optimized or has bad locomotion. When you’re running all your titles at 90fps, there is really no sickness. In my opinion, it’s large amounts of reprojection that induces sickness (or maybe incorrect IPD adjustment).


Well according to sweviver you wont have any problems


Let’s hope pimax can overcome the difficulties on production quickly.

It’s seriously no fun watching you guys who received the rewards having all the fun. :frowning:


First we were told that the lenses were probably one or two millimeters farther from the panels than they should be. We never saw scratches and they focused well on the texts in papers. But they were yellowish.

Oscar, TristanC (one of our members) and some of the “Real o Virtual” Patreons and staff of the web.

By the way, after switching to a previous version to see if it was a software problem, his Pimax 5K+ was bricked and Pimax haven’t contacted Oscar to fix it yet so, almost from the first day, the 5K+ is stored in a drawer.


Ouch on the 5k+ being bricked from an update. @Pimax-Support @PM_Sean or @xunshu

Now a user used @sjefdeklerk firmware tool to fix a faulty firmware update.

His tool is in this post.



Yeah like Helio said, it’s pretty much impossible to really brick the HMD. They have an emergency mode that you can activate with a key combo, at least that was the case on the 4k, I’d be highly surprised if they removed that. So even after a bad flash (brick) you can always put it in that safe mode (DFU mode) and flash a new firmware.


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some ppl reporting that picure is blurry becouse of anti-sde filter, so might be percived effect is like in 8k or worst


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Awesome review by Sebastian, as per usual, Very enjoyable!
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No. I mean right here @1:23:43 where you compared the 8k and 5k+ and said the 8k had the edge over the 5k+ for spotting enemies at a distance.