Pimax 5K+ received (Backer 66xx), really disappointed5



Hey Pimax and all Backers,

so after one and a half year finally I received my Pimax 5K+ this week. Yesterday I had the time to unpack and install. I had backed the Pimax for simulation games in my sim rig (Assetto Corsa, ACC, PC2, Dirt Rally, iRacing) where this better SDE and FOV is what I was dreaming on :slight_smile:

After the unpacking I directly saw the scratches on the right eye lens … what a let down:

Nevertheless I installed it to get a WOW about SDE and FOV (I used PiToolSetup_1.0.1.109_R193). More or less the SDE and the FOV are the only 2 things that are great but all other is a huge disappointment.

  1. Minimal distance to the Lighthouse seems to be 1.5 - 2 meters, so i had a lot of problems to initially set up the room space until I moved the Pimax away from my rig and put in a store behind the rig. So each time I tried a game I had to move the Pimax away from my rig to establish the tracking. But as soon it’s closer to the lighthouse the tracking is not stable, one time I get 15 minutes of racing without tracking loss. My lighthouse is slightly to the left and above the monitor approx. 1 m distance to the HMD.
    -> The SW is way to unstable to use it on a regular basis never ever would I start a online racing with this unstable tracking.

  2. Very uncomfortable to wear. My regular IPD is 63.1 mm this means with this IPD the inner parts of the lenses are pressing on my nose because the foam is way to thin to hold the lens away from my nose. BTW: absolutely never had a problem with my VIVE or my RIFT.
    -> There are at least more foam replacements needed to wear it out of the box.
    (I had a spare VIVE foam replacement with helped, but as the VIVE is more narrow and had a rubber nose light blocker it’s not a real solution).

  3. The focus distance seems to be a little lower as RIFT and VIVE, because for me the picture was a little blurred. I need glasses for distances under 1 m (about +1.25 SPH) but I would say there is no way to wear glasses, there is absolutely no space. I’m also unsure if there will be prescripton lens inserts like for VIVE because of the form of the lenses.
    -> If you really need glasses for distances under 1 m the picture will be blurry. Maybe there could be a way for another distance holder for the Pimax.

  4. Color and contrast. Color is more washed out in comparison to VIVE and RIFT also the contrast is lower between light and dark places.
    -> The discussed color adjustment is not availbale in the PiTool SW.

  5. SW compatibility.
    Assetto Corsa is running fine in Steam VR mode (OpenVR).
    Project Cars 2 is not usable. The right eye rendering is ok but left eye rendering is way to much to the right side, so you get two not matching pictures (the menu is ok but in car is not usable). I tried hidden mask on / off, parallel projections on / off but no way to drive. I don’t understand this because it seems as PC2 has already functioned.
    Dirt Rally (has only Oculus support, no Steam VR support) no way to get this working. May be the old way with ReVive could work but I had backed the Pimax because of the support of Steam VR AND Oculus.

The FOV and the SDE is way better than my VIVE and RIFT but with the problems this is only a show case but not really usable on a normal basis in a sim rig.

So let’s see if Pimax can solve the problems and let’s wait for SW and HW updates. I should get a better strap, more foams etc.

Summed up I see the potential but in this status it’s not usable and a lot of my friends have waited for my Pimax to see how it works … at the moment they better go for another HMD.

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That really sucks to receive.

@Dallas.Hao add to earlybackers


I hope they’ll get you fixed up in a jiffy
I have been running version 103 with very good results


@Dallas.Hao @Doman.Chen
Opened a support ticket: SUPEN-2477 maybe you could help.


Ok,our colleague is replying on your ticket,please check later.


mine too ?


Yes,Sean looks busy everyday,lol…:rofl:


About Project Cars 2, I had the same issue until I moved the FOV to Normal. It’s now working perfectly well.


FOV is on normal, I think this is the default. But the left eye rendering is completely wrong.


I opened my ticket weeks ago SUPEN-2024 and have basically had no reply.
Can you please get someone to help me?


@Dallas.Hao @Doman.Chen


You need to restart SteamVR when you enable parallel projection. That should solve any issues you have with Project Cars 2.


I’ve used vaseline to remove scratches from Vive lenses.


That’s what I had found out too. More than 1.5 meters and then tracking was working.
Seems like you only have ONE base station like I had too.

Do you have a wall mount for the base station ?

I had the same trouble with loss of tracking but my base station was mounted on a tripod next to my monitors and during driving with a wheel the movement of the whole table shocked the base station.
So that stopped the laser and IR from working for a few moments = no tracking.
Maybe that is the case on your place too ?


did you enable parallel projections in pitool? im pretty sure you need to with this game


convenient you had that next to your vr setup. wink


Thanks, that helped.
I tried PC2 with parallel projection on without starting SteamVR. This time the menu is jumpy and not smooth but the rendering is ok. But in fast turns when the world is moving a lot I see some ghosting from the cars, it’s like the cars are interlaced or so (not easy to describe).


My lighthouse (only one in A mode) is mounted on the monitor stand what is not connected to the rig itself, so no vibration or movement from the rig to the lighthouse.

I was able to mount the lighthouse to another position it’s now 1,40 meter away from the HMD this helped a little bit but it’s far from really stable. It seems, that the tracking is more unstable when there is less movement of the HMD e.g. using the menue and not driving.
If the tracking is lost it helps to hide the HMD with my hands for some seconds and most times the tracking will be reestablished.
If I go behind my rig and the distance is over 2 meter the tracking is stable.
=> this is a real problem !!


This is strange because I have no issues with the tracking (other than that it may grey out if I touch the Pimax on the side of the HMD - clearly some electrical issue). Possibly the gyro in your unit could be defect and create wrong input ? I’d try the Lighthouse off mode once just to verify if the (3DoF) tracking is more stable then or if you have the same -or greater- issues without Lighthouse tracking.


If the HMD grey out tracking is lost. It’s not a electrical issue this is a tracking problem. You could try the same further away and you will see that the problems are gone.

My lighthouse is ok, (BTW I have 3 of them, 1 at the rig and 2 at my room scale area) and there are absolutely no tracking issues with the lighthouse when using with the VIVE.
The lighthouse creates no input it only spans a net of infrared lines and the HMD calculates from the net the position.
For me it seems that the sensors in the Pimax HMD are having problems to detect the lines properly if the HMD is near to the lighthouse. So this is a problem of the HMD or firmware or sensors.


Sorry if I was unclear: my HMD sometimes greys out as a result of me making contact with the 5K+ at the outside. No occlusion or other loss of tracking scenario is the cause for that, it doesn’t matter if the hand is in front of or behind the 5K+ (I only use one LH box) - it’s simply my body acting as a bridge to the ground (Erdung in German).

My suggestion was not referring to the LH boxes being defective - it was referring to the gyro in your 5K+ possibly being defective. A gyro is in the 5K+ to measure any X/Y/Z rotation of the headset even in absence of any lighthouse sensors. That is why the 5K+ (and Vive, Rift, etc.) can be operated even without their external sensors (in the case of lighthouse - rather emitters). It will then be limited to 3DoF instead of 6DoF tracking though.

My thought was that if the gyro in your 5K+ is defective, it may randomly create wrong rotation data and thereby mess up the sensor data fusion of SteamVR/PiTool and create what you experience as tracking glitches when you are hardly moving the headset - because it then perhaps puts a higher priority on the internal sensors like the gyro. And in order to find out if that is the case, you could disable the lighthouse tracking in the PiTool (uncheck the box) and see if the tracking works fine with only the internal sensors being used or not. That may give you some hint as to where to search for the issue.

Just an idea.