Pimax 5K+ received (Backer 66xx), really disappointed5



Do you have Brainwarp Smarth Smoothing enabled? PC2 is a pretty heavy game so most likely you’re operating below 90 fps when you’re playing it. With Smart Smoothing it reduces the fps to 45 and then extrapolates every 2nd frame.

The consequence of this mode is it creates what appears to be double vision on fast moving horizontal objects. Especially things with solid lines like menus. Also some text ends wiggling side to side.

Try to disable Smart Smoothing in the Brainwarp tab of Pitool and try again. Make sure games and SteamVR are closed completely when you are modifying any Pitool settings.


Version 103.
I7 87k 1080ti 32ram.
5k+ normal fov. 64hz. Change the steam VR max resolution to 8192
Pitoll. 1.5. Steamvr ss. Anywhere between 30 and 60
In game hi to ultra settings with in game ss max out.

Smart smoothing and kicks in @32 frames per second
Fpsvr. Once I achieve highest settings and smooth 32 frames per second everything is butter and amazing no jagging’s

Aero fly 2. High and ultra. 1.4 in game ss. With above setting.

Project cars 2. Finally have this looking good and smooth.
Ultra car detail ultra track detail high environment ultra particle
Turned off the useless stuff for me Lens heat waves all that stuff and I also shut my mirrors off for a few extra frames per second
In game ss max 2.0 sreamvr ss 40. To 48.

I’m using the normal or wide on 64 Hz with great success on jacking up in game settings to max levels and super sampling on steam VR Set at least 4000 over 3000 Thank you smart smoothing and the 64
74. Hrz.

I’m working on other games to use the same formula 64hrz. Normal or wide. Fov. Max out all the important settings and in game super sampling too. pitool @ 1.5. Steamvr is brought down at the last calculation to get it to smooth 32 frames per second.

Hope this helps.


Do you have a Simucube or OSW Wheel?.


No, Fanatec CSL Elite PS4. Do you think it could be an EMI issue?
I re-checked the lighthouse today with my VIVE -> 100% stable tracking.
With the Pimax I have to go at least 2 m away to enable tracking then it is mostly stable but if tracking is lost I have to hold it away to re-enable tracking. As long as the HMD is more than 2 m away from the lighthouse the tracking is also absolut stable.


This sounds also strange if the Pimax is so touchy then there could be something wrong with shielding or grounding. Then you can’t use the volume buttons on the right side or change the fit.
If I reconsider it correctly then my Pimax is loosing the tracking more likely if I change the volume or change the fit but also sometimes without touching the HMD.

But if I stay further away from the lighthouse I can touch the Pimax as much as I like without tracking loss.


It is a thing though


Hi Pimax -> Please support
So as I had tracking problems with my Pimax 5K+ I didn’t use it for weeks. Today I moved the lighthouse to a new position and was ready to test until I saw the next problem.
The HMD got 2 cracks in housing while stored in my shelf, see attached pictures.
-> Request for warranty replacement. Opened SUPEN-4402
@Dallas.Hao @PimaxUSA @Doman.Chen @PimaxVR

This HMD was only used for about 2 or 3 hours because of the tracking problems.

One crack on the underside:

Another small crack at the edge:

Housing Issue Reports (cracks, imperfections etc.)

Ouch. Front housing is one thing. But you have a serious one on the main housing.


Were you an early backer # who got the FE?


I’m a backer, but I do not understand what you mean with FE.


Might mean BE? :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Maybe :slight_smile: It’s the normal one and not the BE version.


FE is the Fked Edition? :smiley:


Any possible these days.