Pimax 5k+ received! Early experience (Spamenigma)



I mean I don’t see an option of that wording?


how about raising steam vr at 50 % , is still 90 fps outside station ?


oh sorry in ED is called model draw distance


Thanks! Did wonder :slight_smile:

OK in space at 40% I’m getting around 81FPS with those settings.


The numbers are useful for sure. But on a just user perspective. How is the experience when weighed against the Rift of Vive?


hmm I guess your CPU is bottleneck , in vive on my gtx 1080ti OC , i7 8700k oc 4.8mhz) i have stable 90 fps at resolution 3024x3360 (steamVR 400 %) and in station around 65~80 but async reprojection kicking and it’s ok for me with this short period of flying in/out…


Put it this way. In the past I couldn’t play for too long in either my Rift or Vive. Lack of clarity being one of the biggest show stoppers and so continued to mostly play ED on my monitor when I did play.

With the Pimax 5K+ so far I do feel I will actually play ED in VR without a feeling of missing out on the looks. Its just so much clearer! and the higher FOV is a nice bonus to the immersion :slight_smile:


CPU usage is fairly low, about 23%. CPU is 8700K at 4.7% two cores (yet to sort out my watercooling on it).

Don’t forget I’m not a ti, just regular 1080 :slight_smile:


still with munch higher res you shood hit a 90 fps outside of stations imho… ( I had a gtx1080 a year ago before upgraded to 1080ti)

my full in game settings https://i.imgur.com/4SabrWP.png with steam vr 400%, “async rep on” , “always rep. on” (vive)


A chance there are inefficiencies still in the PiTool SW, I also have had to enable ‘Compatible with Parallel Projections’ which it says may impact performance.

Also, a chance my pc isn’t optimally performing so I should do some benchmark/testing there too!

A couple of other settings that differ to yours ‘bloom and blur’ I’ll adjust


how about fps like stand out, raw data, pavlov, onward or even sprint vector? if you own any of these games id be pleased to hear some results. awesome work!! thank you so much for everything!


I have and previously played Raw Data, Pavlov and Onward. Will get on to trying those soon too! :slight_smile:


let us know the most effecient aspect ratio of vorpx games, on vive pro it was 8:9.


Did you take a look at ATS yet? I suspect that it won’t play well because the engine is really not optimized for VR and it has problems on my current headsets.


Just saw your reminder so decided to quickly try it…

…It works!

I still had SteamVR set at 40% and for some reason its now reporting 5274x2498 per eye yet ingame its running at 90fps! It does look a bit jaggy still in game so I need to start fiddling with settings which I’ll do another time. But for the 5mins I just had driving in it… it works and looks quite immersive in the larger FOV (Had it set to Normal in PiTool still).

EDIT: No, had it on Large FOV in PiTool! :slight_smile:


Cool thanks for the impressions on it…great to hear that it ran at 90fps at all…especially in large FOV


I couldn’t resist having one more go. I increased SteamVR video setting up to 60% (6459x3059). Ran the game and no different, it seems to be totally ignoring that setting.

So in-game I changed scaling from 100% to 200% and it looks a lot nicer, was running at around 75FPS but looked and played fine. I’m sure I could spend time tweaking further but as proof of concept it works, looks good and plays well so far :slight_smile:


Sounds good…look forward to trying it when I get my 5k…ATS is one of my favorite relaxing games to play


ETS2/ATS fan here, too


The thing most people don’t realize is that space in ED is gray. Most of the time there are “space clouds”. It’s rare to find true black in space in ED (but it is possible, far from the galactic center).