Pimax 5k+ received! Early experience (Spamenigma)



its not a case here , i know what should be blacker in Ed, and what’s not , vive is my reference with 2000+ h in Elte Vr. ED is one of this games that colurs are imortant for immersion. For me this expirence was so wrong like watching Indiana Jones or Star Wars movies on black/white wide screen TV. You have this immediate feelings that something is really missing here…


Play it on a real monitor the vive headset doesn’t show all details as mentioned elsewhere.


Yata have you tried ED on the Odyssey?


no , only tryed ED with Vive Pro, Odyssey is not available for EU region


I have one (Odyssey, in the UK) and the blacks and colours are way better than a Vive, trouble is it doesn’t fit my face and I can see gaps and light all round the edges and there is no adjustment.


weird, others says they are equal as vive pro and odyssey using the same panels


Notice how while both angles are ten degrees, the remote side is drastically longer on the 75-85° triangle, than the 65-75° one; This will go up toward infinity, as we approach 180° – especially when you have parallel projections, like in this picture; The problem is reduced, but not eliminated, if your game renders its viewplanes aligned with the canted screens of the 8k/5k.

This is an old issue with VR headsets, the reason StarVR promotes splitting the view into two (rotated in relation to one another) planes, for each eye, and something addressed by those NVidia VRWorks functions, that, infamously, nobody uses. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, sorry only compared with Vive not Vive Pro.


This is the fundamental problem with the parallel projections. The width of the picture grows with the tangent of the angular difference from center. It’s the stretching that people were so confused about before; it isn’t distortion but an effect of moving the point of view close to the picture. With non-parallel projections, the rendered surface can be angled like the actual displays are (not necessarily the same angle). For us, the primary problem is that the pixels per degree grows completely out of control where it’s the least needed. A cylindrical projection would be far better.

The particular function aimed at this problem is lens matched shading, while variable rate shading could be used to tune the shading load within one view pane. I believe nvidia’s surround mode also uses simultaneous multi projections for this by making yaw the one variable instead of horisontal displacement.

It’s also why we should ask e.g. Frontier Developments to fix their VR rendering, even at the loss of the single pass stereo. The wider the chosen field of view, the worse this gets (and reaching 180 degrees is literally impossible).

8k Headset delivered the other day (unholybeardedone)

@Yata_PL Piotr! thanks for sharing your ED settings. I implemented those and used with my Vive and i have to say, i had a small ED revolution or revelation. I now have a profile in dr. Kaii called “Vive_Yata_PL” and its the best setup i ever used.
awesome settings. thx Piotr!


@NickDBaker @Yata_PL

I ordered the Odyssey through Big Apple Buddy just to try Elite Dangerous. First impression was the black levels were amazing just like people said. Black = OFF. Space looked deep and dark. However everything else made the headset not worth the trouble. The tracking needs lights on to work and the face cushion always had ambient light leaking in the sides and reflecting off the lenses. I am really interested what the Oddysey Plus will be like with the new panels that have 800 PPI perceived SDE. Also improvements to ergonomics


@Davobkk Odyssey Plus still uses the same panel: https://variety.com/2018/digital/news/samsung-odyssey-plus-vr-headset-1202907384/


Try the new Windows update. My Odyssey tracking works very well for some weeks.


Really? Are you sure? “800 PPI Effect” Isn’t that the new anti SDE tech

Same resolution. Less SDE :wink:


@Davobkk Oh it seems they have used a certain anti-sde technology with the same resolution.
Anyway it will not interest me if the actual resolution is not increased. PSVR has very little SDE, but it just does not have enough pixels.


Yes found the same so let my son borrow it to try then will let my step son try it, hopefully we can find someone with the right shape face, strange that no-one mentions this in reviewes.


I’m glad to hear that. It’s sharp and agressive :wink: Best resoults is to have it with gearvr lens mod. Cheers.


That makes sense! I think the compensation they are doing for avoiding stretching goes a bit too far the wrong way, I can see things gradually compress as they move towards the sides. Its not ‘bad’ but its noticeable.


Hello there,
i got mine 5k+ yesterday, 8k Backer switched to 5k+.
It got send from the UK with dpd within the EU, without any problems.

So fare my experience is good, the fov is amazing. But i have little problems. So far i dont own any Basestation, so i tested only seated sim games.

First thing i tried if my glasses fit, but they dont fit in the hmd. There is absolutely no room for that.

And another problem no one mentioned so far i get, is that I am using idp 60mm, so the smallest one. The Problem now is, that my nose, and i have a normal one not big or small, is coming in contact with the lenses. The lenses and with them the hole hmd is so sitting on my nose, it is getting really uncomfortable with the time. Like glasses that dont fit well. It seems like the face cushion could be a little bit thicker.

I tried the recommended Version of PiTool 76, these Version did not recognize my hmd. Only the newest Version 84 did. After the inital setup and a firmware update with the 84, I tried to reinstall the 76 but still got an disconnect error, so have to use the 84er Version.

In the settings so far i am using normal fov and rendering 1.0.
In SteamVR i have the video settings not to override, but so far the only game i could get to work is Project Cars. And it looks great. Parallel Projections needs to turn on, otherwise i get double pictures.

But when i try Assetto Corsa, it only starts on the desktop and in the hmd i can only see the black grid and nothing else. I have tried serveral combinations out of fov, render, video override solution. Any ideas?
Yesterday i tried ets2 with the oculus beta version, and it worked. Today i tried it again, but it doesnt start, like Assetto Corsa, it only starts in Desktop mode. I have nothing changed. I even tried the beta version of steam vr, but that did not help it.

And one other thing, in the two days i have the 5k+ three times now after turning the 5k+ on, the Led on the front did start to blink violett and the right screen in the hmd started to flicker, i dont know what thats causing it. A reboot of the hmd does help, and it works again.

I am trying to get the Lighthouses 1.0 and try again, but for tipps on how to get Assetto Corsa working and/or ets2 again, would be good. Is there an option that i missed? (the play in theater mode in vr, is not set)


for AC: do you have Oculus running in the background?
uncheck theatre mode in steam
in game change screen to Oculus.
if you start a race, game should pop up in the hmd

hope this helps