Pimax 5k+ received! Early experience (Spamenigma)



@spamenigma and @AgentJohn, one question about the 5K+.

The pattern of the SDE is RGB? Like squares? Or diagonal like pentile?


My nose doesn’t even touch the HMD. If I look down, I see light coming through, between my nose and the headset!

I thought I would have an issue with that, but all is good. It does not interfere with my experience of the VR world.

I was going to pad the nose area out some more, but luckily it is not needed.


What idp are you using?

If i am using a higher one than the smallest one, my nose doesnt touch the hmd and all is fine. But then of course the image is blurry.

Sometimes the touch of my nose is enough the the idp sensor get activated and the display with the idp message pops up.


There was a guy at the berlin meetup, who reported the same thing with the nose/ipd issue. it differs a lot i think. many reported no glass issues or nose issues. i’d think an extra layer of foam could work wonders.


IDP 64.1

I did just this minute, up the IDP to 69.8, and then I could feel the lens touching my nose.

Odd thing, I did not notice any visual difference between the 2 settings. I then lowered the IDP to the lowest and and again no visual difference. All looked fine.
This is strange to me, because I had real visual problems with the 4K (HTC Vive was fine), and I thought it was IDP related, but it looks like that is not the case.
Pimax obviously got something right for me with the 8K, that was not suitable for me with the 4K.


Same here, low IPD and hurts my nose a bit after a short time of use. I have upped the IPD a little and its better and I can still see ok but we definitely need something to add comfort to the nose part. I know they suggested they were going to be supplying something so fingers crossed that’s sooner rather than later.


i would have never been come to this, because i mostly try to run everything between 200-250%in steamVR override settings. But to combine 400% with these ingame settings (eg. all surface qualities) results in super clarity, text readability and distance “clearness”, at least for vive conditions. I was really stunned. So yeah thanks


Hey I forgot to ask this: could you try and test “welcome to lightfields by google”? It’s free on steam. I wanna see your impressions on that and whether or not it feels real with the wide FOV and better res of the 5k compared to the vive/oculus

You or anyone of the backers


Yeah I agree. @Heliosurge can you contact @xunshu and tell her we need a seperate sub category ONLY for backers who’ve recieved their headset? Those who haven’t recieved can still read what they write and say. Cause it’s getting really hard to follow the ones who are receiving it


Thanks, that was it. Got AC running, looks very good with the wide fov.


nice happy to hear that.


Hows distant detail in AC looking? Also any shimmering? Is the wide FOV quite noticeable and impactfull(is that a word?) when in traffic?


Would you mind adding your info to the Google Doc here?
Or, if you’d rather, just answer the following questions and someone will add it for you:

Backer #?
Date email received for choice?
Date received tracking?

You’ve already provided the rest of the info.
Thanks and Good Luck! (sooo jealous)

ps: with the Vive Pro, if it’s resting on our nose, it means that we need to adjust the top headstrap…


Email choice: 9/17/2018
Email with tracking
second: 10/19/2018


Done. Two things I wasn’t 100% on: you’re in the UK and you got it on Sunday? Oct 21.
And thanks! It’s been bugging me that there’s been so few recipients so far, so it’s nice to flesh it in a bit.


Not UK, outside UK but inside EU.


Ah! Hence the way you phrased it! Thanks!


Seems we definitely need a thicker exchange face-foam for wearing glasses.
Even for the Rift I use an additional foam replacement mounted over the original face foam to gain more space in the HMD.


I don’t know if the wide FOV will be a very different experience but on the Pimax 4K the demo was incredibly cool. It really did become scarily close to reality compared to other rendered scenes and the 4K has better SDE than the 8K, yet still it wasn’t fully there. But close, very close


We do get courier deliveries on Sundays now in the UK, but the Royal Mail does not deliver on Sunday.