Pimax 5k+ received! Early experience (Spamenigma)



I heard that the Vive pads should work: I’ve got Eye Pillows and several VRCover’s ready to switch over!
VRCover is supposed to be working on Pimax versions, I wonder how long until they’re ready.


I use the replacements of VRCover, too. So let`s see when they will sell the first replacement foams for the Pimax. :wink:


Thanks for the info! The USPS (United States Postal Service, not to be confused with UPS: United Parcel Service) recently started delivering on Sundays, but it depends on where you live as to whether they actually do or just put a message up stating that delivery was attempted but no one was home. I live in a small town so, even tho packages state that they will be delivered on Sunday, they never are.
I wish I got “Royal Mail”! It sounds so much more… Royal! :slight_smile:


Royal… eek… I had an occasion with the Royal Mail, when the parcel from London was traveling to Moscow through Tokyo.


Houston… we have a problem…

This is spamenigma calling @Pimax-Support

Right before my eyes (well…eye!) the left view suddenly blipped and is now showing white at the top and bottom. Like light leaking at the edge!



I have rebooted the HMD, reconnected cables, restarted the pc… all the usual fiddling. Regardless of use of SteamVR, SteamVRbeta or just the PVRHome environment that came with PiTool this shows.

Do I have a hardware problem already?

[Replied]5k+ does this look like light bleed?
Very disappointed at the 5k+ :(
[Replied]Received 5K+ but left screen is different
[Pimax's updates] Solutions to feedback and Special customer service for backers
Do the dead pixels only happen on the 5kplus so far - YES

That doesn’t look standard. :open_mouth:


Hopefully not. But yeah @Sean.Huang should also be poked on this as well.


No, certainly not a feature I wanted to see :astonished:

I’ve emailed their support also, so will see how quickly this can be resolved.


Urk, that looks ominous


Don’t worry, you too will soon have Royal Mail. We’re taking back our colonies once Brexit happens proper.



Start with the :us:. :beers::smirk::+1::sparkles::sweat_smile:


WOAH you’re gassing me soo much. Now i REALLY want someone to try this on the 8k/5k+ lol. The bigger FOV adds much more to the immersion that higher res, trust me


Have you tried popping the lens out to see whats happening to the actual panel?


should only be plastic dust guard behind the lens ,but yes should see something if its obvious


This is all a dream and you’re slowly waking up because it’s getting light outside. The headsets aren’t due until another 3 months. Beep. Beep. BeeP. BEEP. BEEP. BEEP.


Nope, for now I’ll leave it to pimax to tell me what to do since this to me appears to me to be a possible hardware fault. I don’t want to do anything to the hardware unless instructed by them


Initial impression


As far as I am aware, the issue caused by IPD isn’t blurriness but rather it caused everything to just look wrong in general (ie wrong size, warped, etc). I would say that the reason IPD affected blurriness in other headsets is that the sweetspots were so tiny that you would miss them if you didn’t have the lenses physically centered on your eyes. The sweetspot on the 8K/5K+ is massive in comparison (~100 degrees, aka the entire FOV of Rift/Vive) so you would have much more leeway in physically aligning the lenses before blurriness would be an issue.

IIRC the 4K didn’t have any physical IPD adjustment, so that could cause blurring issues


The joys of being early, hopefully Pimax rectifies the issue swiftly without any excuses.



  1. Backlights are visible and leaking light due to seal slip.
  2. LCD panel failure.
  3. Sweat / moisture has managed to get into the electronics.
  4. Driver corruption, for some reason it is rendering white top/bottom