Pimax 5k+ received! Early experience (Spamenigma)



You can expect problems like that with any company. On multiple occasions my company has issues with Fedex doing this. One time we had a crate spend 10 days bouncing various Fedex offices in China, then a day in Japan, then Canada (near Toronto), Tennessee for two days, before arriving in Florida (a week and a half late).


1 is my theory, 2 maybe, 3, nope…no sweat/moisture at all…(done mostly simple seated stuff whilst testing) :slight_smile: 4/ maybe…


Well if its something that has the potential to affect quite a few others, at least its an early warning for pimax :slight_smile:

Still a chance its software I guess, but I’m not feeling it :neutral_face:


The 4k was also designed for Normal & myopic vision.


Unfortunately they did cite having problems with components failing quality. Hopefully this is a driver issue or something software related.


And hopefully they will know straight away if that image he posted matches a failed unit rather than ask him to make sure it is plugged in, the right way around on his head etc etc.


Agreed it’s always annoys me when you tell a support operator you’ve completed all the steps on their que cards. "Let’s start at the beginning… " grrrrr…


OK, this needs to be tested asap. IF the BE Version has the same advantages of the 5k+ AND oled I will gladly pay 100$ extra and even wait longer. But if there are some catches like ghosting, lower refreshrate it will be a bad deal.


BE version is Pentile. Do You want a OLED pentile screen?


Have you figured this out yet?


Not yet… awaiting contact from pimax, probably when I’m asleep… :thinking::grinning::sleeping:


Is it unplayable?




Hi, user

Please help send the clear picture for this issue to us by sean.huang@pimaxvr.com

please try to uncheck the item of “start Pimax VR Home”, you will see pimax logo, take a photo under this picture see whether you could still see the abnormal display on right eye and left eye?


Are you concerned that the cable came loose like that? isn’t that going to be a problem when you actually start playing?


Well it is made in china. You never know when they are inserting spyware to monitor US computers.

How China Used a Tiny Chip to Infiltrate U.S. Companies

take any virus warnings with a grain of salt. (wait a minute that grain was a microchip)


I’ve watched all of your videos and yes I think you are too picky.

My first video game system was an NES played on a black and white 14" crt television with RF cables
(man Blades of Steel was painful to play. Couldnt tell what team mate i was passing to)

Every video game system up until ps2 was on a used CRT with static and color aberrations,
and I could have cared less, because I was playing video games at home!

(My point is, be thankful for what you have)


yes please report as it seems that Sweviver and MRTV wont even acknowledge small FOV as a valid option. Even with out wide FOV you will still have larger than rift or vive and all the benefits of higher resolution.


Ah SDE. Its funny but some people cant seem to looks past it. (hehe pun)

and others have no issue with it. Thank god I’m one of the latter.

I have a rift (kickstarter backer as well) and I don’t think i’ve ever once thought in 2 years that the SDE was a problem, as a matter of fact I don’t really see it at all.

How would you say the god rays are on 5k+ compared to rift.


ED affects 1/3 men like this. dont worry.


Hi I have a question. When playing racing games how is the sense of speed do you feel like its more accurate with the wider FOV?

I find that on the rift I feel like im moving slower than the speedometers tells me i am , and i crash alot.

In my real car driving 60 km/h i know what that feels like , but in game i feel like im going 60km/h and he speedometer says im going 120km/h