Pimax 5k+ received! Early experience (Spamenigma)



Good thing iphones & all sorts of top brands come from china.


I know what u mean man hehe. Im raised up with a Commodore 64 lol. Im extremely happy with the evolution of the tech, but of course after a while u get more and more picky and “blind” for the huge progress made :slight_smile:


Didn’t they say it was the casing though?


Yea, they did(casing=housing i guess).
So hopefully this run of 26 units where just the ones produced yesterday i wish :slight_smile:

Technically production should be faster now since they trained up more people in the mean time.

Friday can’t come soon enough for my tracking number :smiley: !


I don’t recall them clarifying which component(s).


Sorry I’m no pro on this matter. But I said if there are no backdraws expected I would prefer oled and even pay for it. I am not familiar with the disadvantanges of pentile. What do you think may get worse?


Screendoor effect will be noticably worse. Think like worse resolution.

It’s why the PSVR despite having a lower resolution looks better than the vive/rift. As the psvr has full RGB stripe lik the 5k+, whilst the rift/vive has pentile like the oled 5k be.


Hi, thanks for coming back to me!

I’ve given it a go, not the easiest thing to take a pic of at that angle… but here you go!

Its less pronounced in this view than others! Sending an email to you also as requested.


Not really, its a really solid connection, actually very difficult to pull that cable out… so the mind boggles how it wasn’t fully inserted.

What god rays? :slight_smile: Seriously (and this is coming from a Rift and Vive user) its a massive difference, barely any at all. Great job there! and with the sweet spot! both a massive improvement!!

I’ve quickly tried Assetto Corsa and Project Cars 2, but only to test performance/framerate and that I get them working and look at the view. So not actually done any racing yet but happy to come back to you on that when I get a chance to play them… my wheel is ready! :smiley:


Its not ideal and distracting, but whilst I’m in early testing phase trying things… I can still use it.

Put me off using it yesterday though, gave me an excuse to play some destiny 2 instead :slight_smile:


2D?? Oh the horror… jk


I have trouble comparing to the psvr. The sde is only “Better” due a blur Filter on the psvr that only disguises the SDE for sacrificing lots of clarity. So I’m not sure it’s because of the screen. Would be very helpful to get first hand Info if they are allowed to tell @mixedrealityTV @VoodooDE @SweViver
Is the oled version worth considering? Which downsides are expected?


Bro, please remember give it try with VORPX… :smirk:


OK, I’ll try and hunt down my vorpx key etc… not had it installed for well over a year.

Last attempt with vorpx was with alien isolation, since then I’ve tried that with the mothervr mod which is fantastic! I need to try that in the pimax too… need a couple of :beers: possibly before that one :smiley:


ouch. But not as bad as yesterdays pics. I thought that covered the whole lense.

hopefully they have a solution for that


I was actually saying that I wouldnt have minded a pimax 2k . That hsd two psvr screens at 1080.

this way we get the
clarity of a native image 1080p,
large fov,
greate sde of rgb stripe,
deepblacks of oled
and 78% more performance due to the lower resolution


I believe VORPX with Dishonored or Bioshock, you will get good results. :slight_smile:


More pics requested by pimax, posting here too. although not visible in the HMD I can tell if I look at the right angle that the problem is also on the right hand side of that display. Certainly feels like light leaking.

Pics here: https://imgur.com/gallery/3890awe


Pentile has a 1/3 less subpixels so SDE is more prominent because of this.


Indeed love Alien Isolation looks amazing with the vr mod!