Pimax 5k+ received! Early experience (Spamenigma)



I played 45mins of it on my Rift… then got scared and noped out of it! :slight_smile:

It is probably one of the best VR experiences out there that people don’t know about!


What was the last thing you did before this issue happened?


I was just in the process of changing SteamVR versions, I’d uninstalled SteamVR to test LH still track without it installed (They do!). I just put it back on tested fine… switched to SteamVR beta… all OK then suddenly ‘blip’… so very little movement of the HMD at all really… just sat at my desk, on my head and left screen did that.

Also been very careful with it, so its not a knock/drop/heavy movement that’s involved.


Can you set the screen to extended mode? Similar to the vive? Does the White part change shape or move at all? @spamenigma

Your gonna wanna get a suction cut and see what this artifact looks like without the lens. I will tell you it’s VERY unlikely the display itself is broken. I’ve transported more displays (repaired a few) than I can count. Those things can take beating after beating lol. My guess is something holding it shifted possibly.

Also repaired a few hardware digital upscaler/framerate converters and I’ve never seen one “partially send an image” if it’s broken.


Here is a common illusion that might answer your question

“Cover the sides of the hallway with your hands and the animation speeds down, cover the middle and the animation speeds up.”

Good Advice: The current gen (low FOV) is like playing the 8K with the edges blocked (aka it will look slower).
Bad Advice: If you want your game to look faster, just block the center of your vision and only show the edges.

5/8k for simracing

OK, but the Vive Pro also got better SDE than the OG despite pentile. It would be interesting to know if it would be worse and if, how much. I mean compared to the vive pro, the 5k BE variant
(much higher FOV, slight better SDE-due more Res, same good colors)
vs the 5k+
(much higher FOV, better SDE-due different panel tech, worse colors)
does not sound bad?


Well for SDE has 2 components in vr subpixel layout can affect it. However there is also pixel density.

Not accurate but consider ppi of say 500 per inch on a 5" display. At 5" it will have no see able sde regardless of panel type with no magnification. However magnify it with lenses to be like a 100" screen & the ppi is now 5 ppi (500/100). SDE is now more considerably noticeable.


Well that looks bad with your display. I hope Pimax can fix that for you.

My parcel with my Pimax never arrived at my hands. Seems like it was stolen by unknown or the DPD parcel service guys.

If you had not read my case and click on the small arrow to the right to read all:


It’s so sad. Waited nearly a year for the device and then it’s gone and I have little chance to even get my money back from DPD I guess. :sob:

I have asked Pimax support twice for the serial number of MY device but they just sent me text answers.
Is there any serial number on the 5k+ itself ?


On the unit itself would beva sticker. If like the p4k should also be stored in the firmware/hardware.


I hope DPD can find or trace it? or Pimax can resolve since they are responsible for getting it to you. thats bad! sorry for you too. :worried:

My 5K+ has a sn sticker underneath


OK thank you. But I’m not sure Pimax even has a list which serial number went to which backer number…

DPD tracking shows it was delivered successfully ! :angry:



Trouble is, that’s not really proof of delivery. You’ve got their word against yours. They say they delivered, but you don’t have it… sooooo

I have no idea how the law works in a situation like that, but surely the last person who had it, has sole responsibility for it.

A frustratingly annoying situation.

Do we know if there is any loss cover for these packages that are being sent out to the backers? @Pimax-Support

Whenever I post anything worth a decent amount of money, I make sure there is cover for loss.


Unfortunately, the last person who had it was wearing a ski mask and their job title rhymed with “scriminal”


Could you test Raceroom racing experience please? It’s one of the fiew title that seems to work very well with the 5k+ in the Sweviver review. I need to upgrade my GPU and it’s my main simulation.


Do you need 1 or 2 stations to operate the Pimax? Could someone test that? It is certainly not uninteresting for users who do not have Vive / Stations.


1 Base station is the minimum, but 2 is preferred to avoid occlusion. As in you covering the controllers for instance.


I don’t need the controllers at all. I use VR exclusively for SimRacing. But … Can i use my odyssey controller with the pimax ?


Here is a list of what you can do with X # of basestations (cumulative as you add more BS):

0: Rotational Tracking - Up/Down head turning, Left/Right head turning, maybe head tilting (not sure on this one)
1: Seated positional tracking and controller tracking - moving your head/body
2: Room-scale positional tracking


So yes you could use 1 for seated sim racing no problem. Odyssey controllers won’t work as cannot be tracked by lighthouse, requires odyssey HMD cams.


Will add to my list of stuff to try :smiley: