Pimax 5k+ received! Early experience (Spamenigma)



Got that so far :slight_smile: I was just wondering if it may worth it despite the higher SDE. Look, if the SDE is at least still on Vive pro level (not OG Vive) it would be a pimax without any drawbacks compared to the vive pro, no compromises with colors at all. It would be basically a Vive Pro with a little better SDE with a kickass FOV and good colors?


If your okay with just look, no lighthouse needed. But if you want to lean you will need 1 base station.


what’s a good place to get a single base station in Canada?


Ebay maybe or kijiji. Haven’t looked 2bh



Greetings! We will be responsible for the loss of express delivery from China to overseas warehouses. If there are problems in shipping from overseas warehouse to backers’ addresses,we will do our best to help backers to solve the issues. Please be advised. Have a nice day!


Ive heard about VORPX. What is that exactly?


Vorpx is a injector that makes normal games (like bioshock, dishonored) play through steam vr in any HMD, for me it is the best.


I actually find a mix of 2d and vr gaming is better enjoyment than either by themselves.


I was just messing around… but I tend to play 95% in VR


I’m at 96% 2d and 4% vr.
Knowing there is pimax , it has greatly cut down my vive usage.

Hopefully when I receive my pledge I will use vr more.


Thank you spamenigma!


the problem is he gave them authorisation to leave the package at his door, usually those things have a disclaimer attached, if he doesn’t have cctv or whatever then things are about to get real messy

he will probably need to register a case with the police and then persue insurance of some type, either DHL or home if it covers this lock box


its a 3d/vr wrapper for 2d games, it does not have pimax support (and even if it did I would NOT recommend it to anyone)


I am using VR a LOT more than I did when I had my Pimax 4K and Vive. It just was not that comfortable for me in the virtual world to wear those HMDs for that long (visual issues with the 4K, and the Vive made me feel ill after about 20 minutes).

I’m either in ED, Subnautica (can get by without controllers - just) or watching a video now! Last night I forced myself not to go into Bigscreen to watch my nightly viewing, just to make sure I had a break from VR, but damn did I REALLY want to!!

When I get the base stations and controllers, I’m gonna probably live in VR!!! That is holding me back quite a lot, at the moment. Need them for sooooo many games and experiences. I’m nearly tempted to buy the Vive Pro full kit, then Ebay the headset. Cheapest I have seen it is about £1100 (Ebay - new - off the back of a lorry).
I’ll hold off!!! I’d really like the Valve knuckles + Vive v2 base stations.


I feel like I’m the only regular roomscale vr user around here. Maybe when I get mine I’ll start a thread for us roomscale players who don’t get motion sea sickness who prior used their vices a lot.


I have a 7m vs 7m roomscale wireless room just for vr :joy::joy:


We need to stick together. Roomscale is important.


You can do fixed direction room scale with one also, much like a PSVR setup. For instance, you could play Beat Saber or Audioshield but not Holopoint or Job Simulator.


So after some extended ED how is it compared to a Rift or Vive? Huge immersion bump? Colors/blacks and contrast/brightness working out well?


I can’t really remember the colours/blacks. I think it’s now over a years since I had the Vive (original). Sold it because it made me ill to use for more than 20 minutes.

Immersion wise, the wider FoV of the Pimax is a million times better!!! A slight exaggeration, but you get the idea :slight_smile:

There’s no going back to anything smaller!

Contrast and brightness - I’m not sure about contrast, but as far as brightness goes the Vive was better, as the Pimax is quite dark. But that might be a personal preference. That said, I can’t say that this has been detrimental to my game play or video viewing. It’s been perfectly fine. Actually, I have noticed it twice, once in the Big Screen environment of Bigscreen where it’s quite hard to see the avatars in the other seats (the film looked great), and in Dying Light at night time, it was a LOT darker outside in the 8K than on my x34 screen, but that just added to it, making that much more scary :smiley:

ED is all good. No issues as far as I am concerned :slight_smile: I’ve gotten used to the fuzziness on the smaller text, which bothered me initially, but all the text is easily readable.

FoV, man, the Freaking F o Fracking V!!!

I fully understand why Sebastian was going on about it so much during the reviews (HMDs and games)!

It would be interesting to see what I thought of the 5K+. Considering what others have said, I am kind of glad that I am an 8K X backer, therefore I will have the chance to get better than the 8K. I do really like the 8K, but if I can get better, I want better :slight_smile: