Pimax 5k+ received! Early experience (Spamenigma)



Hmm Is the light leaking from the backlight or somewhere else? Have you dared to take the lens off yet? :slight_smile:


I suspect its the backlight and some seal has come away or moved? Not taking the lens off unless required by Pimax (only because this is likely to need replacing and don’t want any excuses) :slight_smile:


Have you had any more contact with Pimax?


2 emails yesterday requesting more pics, nothing else yet.


Why are you doing this to yourself and miss out? Just buy the Vive and get on with it. You can buy the kncuckles when they come out too!


Got vorpx installed and registered again… Only given it a quick test to prove it runs.

Set it to SteamVR and it mentions Pimax:

Picked a game, ran ABZU as a test.

The game runs and it’s in full 3D and looked very good! not messed with any settings yet but so far so good :wink:


´Shouldn’t get all bakers vorpx for free? I remember there was this idea at the beginning of Pimax kickstarter…


Thanks @spamenigma , good news that Vorpx works as expected !!! Now waiting for my 8K to arrive … :sunglasses:


Yes. Here is the speed patch! Compatible with all HMDs, just put it on the center of the lenses:


1- Vorpx
2- Revive
3- :sunglasses:


Oh shit. Stories like that make me angry. This f#cker who stole this. I would be devastated. Shit.
I am really feeling with you here. :frowning:
I hope you get it paid by DPD. But still, even if, it dosn’t compensate the waiting…


Bad advice: Put the loop side on the lens
Worse advice: Put the hook side on the lens

Even worse advice:
Put one side on the lens and the other side on your retina. Who needs eye tracking when you could just keep your eyes from moving?

It puts the fixed fovea… in fixed foveated rendering. With these we could even run SUPER fixed foveated rendering. “What makes it different”, you might ask:

  • FFR - High resolution in the center of the screen (lots of rendering), low resolution at the edges (a little rendering)
  • SFFR - No resolution in the center of the screen (no rendering), low resolution at the edges (a little rendering)

With this you could enjoy playing Crysis on the 8KX in Large FOV at 120 FPS (on your GTX 1070). WOW. This really is the future of VR!


are you sure (2d+vr > vr ) ?

think that equation is flawed.


This made me laugh. Keep up the good humor. SFFR is pure comic genius! :laughing:


Why limit yourself to SFFR when you could have SDFFR (Super-duper Fixed Foveated Rendering)? It has an astonishing 100% reduction in rendering cost!

How does it do this? Well, lets compare it to SFFR:

  • SFFR - No resolution in the center of the screen (no rendering), low resolution at the edges (a little rendering)
  • SDFFR - No resolution in the center of the screen (no rendering), no resolution at the edges (no rendering)

It has some issues displaying certain kinds of content but is pretty good at displaying the following:

  • A cave (unlit)
  • A room (unlit, no windows)
  • The great outdoors (at night, eyes closed)

and so many more!


Vorpx is a injector that makes normal games (like bioshock, dishonored) play SH*TTY through steam vr in any HMD

Fixed it


To be fair, it is rendering games in ways that they weren’t designed for. From what I have heard (no first hand experience) SOME games can actually run pretty well (but require a LOT of settings tweaks).


Great follow up Davebobman I didn’t think you could top it but l laughed even harder at this. You should consider getting into the comedy field standup or writing.

My own attempt would be to say after backing Pimax I feel kind of like I’m in a Seinfeld episode called
The Chinese Restaurant where Jerry, George and Elain are trying to get a table and seems like they wait forever watching people go in directly who came in afterwards. The episode ends I think if I remember right they end up walking out then the host calls out table ready for Seinfeld after leaving. I hope I don’t suffer a similar fate.

Being a first batch backer and seeing others receive there headsets before I have I can certainly relate to this very funny episode.


So still no way to run .76? I have the same problem. 84 detect headset, 76 not.


I’ve not tried since as far as I’ve seen 84 is working fine and looks good for me so far. Not convinced there is a need to downgrade.