Pimax 5k+ received! Early experience (Spamenigma)



84 i can say now that I found my issue is good on both headsets.


give mirrors edge a go in VorpX, can you tell me that widescreen is the prefered aspect ratio now (the game didn’t support a narrow aspect ratio anyway as it letterboxed it), can you check that you have to change the ini file from 120 to 180.


Without having to trawl through 362 replies (I gave up after a few) can we have your opinions of the 5K+ itself? With respect at this moment I don’t care that much at the moment about the setup process but I’m sure it’ll come in handy when I receive mine in twelve years time :slight_smile:


I will do an opinion/mini review write up from my perspective. More time needed to play yet :slight_smile:


SDFFR has the best black levels ever!


I have just tested playing rocket league in VR. First was using built-in steam.theatre, then vorpx and finally big screen. I didn’t adjust any settings in rocket league so everything still pretty much highest. I set PiTool to ‘small’ FOV and SteamVR to 40%.

All 3 scenarios were totally playable, but vorpx made rocket league in 3D! so I actually played a match… we lost btw… :wink: but its playable in all 3 setups including in 3D!

I’ve no idea yet if I’m just being fooled by this game but colours and brightness look a bit better today (made a seperate post to check with others if .90 has changed anything or if its just me).

Had FPS jumping around a bit, 60-90fps, so I need more tuning and probably turn some game settings down. But I actually feel like gaming even in 2D on a big screen in VR is a much nicer experience that it has been in the past.


Introducing the Pimax 0K, now covering the full FOV of human sight. It has the deepest blacks and is light/comfortable enough to use as a sleep aid.

Need your advice on a 2080 model (and got scam'd)
180 fps. We still want this

So… after over a week of chasing pimax about the backlight leak fault. I eventually received an email yesterday aplogising for the delay and arranged for support to contact me. Today I’ve been told to send the HMD back to a UK address and once done they will send a new one.

I then asked for timescales, as obviously I wouldn’t want to just return and then wait for weeks for a replacement. And I’m also on holiday for a couple of weeks from next week, so knowing the timing of this is useful!

I’ve been sent another email suggesting it will be 7-10 days and I can continue to use mine for now and return when new one arrives. Will see how that goes!


That’s pretty fair I’d say. Let’s hope new one is perfect, as they all should be.


Please take note of the serial number so that we know if some other poor backer gets the same one in future.


Is anyone using 2.0 lighthouses? My HMD will only track with 1.0 lighthouses.


Which headset did you receive?


A 5K+, no issues at all with 1.0 lighthouses.


My replacement Pimax HMD has finally arrived today \o/, was quoted 7-10days after support finally got back to me, actually took 26days shipping so in total its taken exactly 5 weeks to resolve the fault…

So hopefully I can get back to properly playing and trying things. Before that I have a some initial observations!

#1 The plastic on the newer HMD feels more solid, its not squishing and clicking like the original one, especially around where the power button is! (so an improvement there).

#2 On the original one whilst doing a quick comparison on plastic quality I noticed this:

I can guarantee that it has not been knocked, I imagine the plastic has split due to it being weak near the power button area!

#3 The new HMD that arrived I looked underneith and see this:

For reference this is the original:

So quality control still failing there, or Pimax have a dog! :slight_smile:

#4 The sticker underneath on the original shows the following:

On the new one it shows:

I’ll continue to compare inside and out and report any other observations!

Did I just get a regular 5k?
Review Directory

Observation #5 The headstrap has changed!

The original one is this:

And I found the back part is like its made for really small heads, it doesn’t fit right at all at the back!

The new one is this:

Completely different material at the back, will see how that feels…


Did they maybe send you the old 5K and not the 5K plus?
What a bad quality control !!


Interesting my headstrap matches the 2nd one.

Sticker is interesting 2 that they are having presumed issues keeping materials properly switched out assuming it is the 5k+ & not 5k. The foam though should have also been caught in Quality Control; ideally by tge assembly personel.

The headstrap variation makes sense why some have had comfort issues.


OK so I’ve powered on the HMD and the screens so far look fine! However I think I’ve found another difference…

Observation #6 possible new (to me) lens distortion effect.

On my original pimax I’ve wondered what people refer to as distortion. The only distortion I see is the geometry one where the image shrinks and slightly skews the further it moves towards the edge. I asked someone else the other night what they call distortion and they mentioned ‘like in a fishbowl’. Which I assume related to the same geo effect I could see.

On the new one, I’m instantly drawn to an actual lens distortion towards the edge, something I don’t believe I’ve seen before on the original HMD. Now I’m wondering if ‘this’ is what some people are seeing and referring to as distortion?

I obviously now need to do some back and forth tests to compare and ensure I’m not just going mad here, but gut feeling at the moment is there is a difference with the lenses for the worse!


That is disgraceful. Lied about shipping, then shipped a faulty one in response to a faulty one, and it looks like it is the wrong model. RMA #2 coming right up!


Aside from the obvious foam cushion being messed up on the new one, I’m not yet believing there is a fault here… I’m saying it all as I see it so bare with me!

The face pad is shoddy! I’ll just swap that over before returning the faulty one but obviously not everyone has that chance.

Although I have no reference of what the 5k display was, It looks to be the same display as original, with the nice bonus dot effect showing on light bits :slight_smile: so the stickers are just wrong.