Pimax 5k+ received! Early experience (Spamenigma)


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Yeah distortion is the effect of changing the geometry of the render in such a way that if you’d look to it through the lens, the image you see looks like the original one, without looking through a lens. This indeed is a fish bowl effect, since the lens basically is that. If the resulting image through the lens is different than the original image not through the lens, then the distortion is off. And this indeed usually results in objects stretching near the edges.

On the Pimax 5k+ there’s another effect, a blurry ring around the edges, I think some people have been referring to that as distortion too, but that’s not what distortion is.


Yea its the blurry ring that has been more visible this time around, I can sort of see it if I move the HMD around on the older one but less pronounced, practically none at all if I hit the right spot so probably why I barely noticed it. I’m currently thinking HMD positioning/different headstrap adjustment is the cause of this perception of lens distortion. Still fiddling!

The geometry distortion we are seeing however is that its visibly compressing rather than stretching, I don’t know if they just went too far countering the stretching? I know we’ll never get perfection and to be fair I don’t find it too bad but its obviously wrong. Hopefully its just a WIP software issue!?


Spamenigma, what PiTool are you currently using and is it the same as earlier. I’m using 84 still and just recently tried the VR game Primordian and didn’t experience any geometric distortions at all accept for what sjefdeklerk describes as a blurring, that I see at the outermost edge and that was in normal mode. Also the same for me playing Fallout4VR and SkyrimVR. No geometric distortion even in wide mode only the lens blurring slightly around that extreme outer edge.


Go spend $20 & use my headstrap. :beers::blush::+1::sparkles:

Later today will see about setting up & testing skyrim.

Really reccommend dyi headstrap very comfortable & convienent


I’m using .90 but noticed the effect in .84 too. SteamVR home (default house) shows it very well.

Hopefully, I can do some proper playing now and compare apps


Correct! I called it stretching however it’s the opposite, the edges compress. It’s a funny effect, if you are looking at a scenery and move your head around, you can compress the scene into the edges


I’ll likely move my Vive DAS over soon, I noticed discussion on the 3d printed adapters so will investigate that too.


Thanks I’ll try to follow your updates with your issues.:thinking:


Trust me mine is very easy. Though a 3d printed clip could be nice.

But can see if you have the DAS already move it over. Lol

Now with my diy mount you could 3dprint adapt face shield/welding helmet:

    1. To have Arms to mount ear phones or even the 4k’s speakers.


wich dyi headstrap do you mean?


There u go


This is very interesting so you are basicly not seeing like me (@Berlin meetup) this fishbowl/barrel distortions like here https://imgur.com/eUmO4tz ?
It was very noticable for me in Skyrim on 5k plus. Meybe in dungeons this is less noticable but when you walking in day light and moving your head you will see that trees & building geometry is off.


Right Yata_PL i do not see any fishbowl/barrel distortions at all at any location in SkyrimVR or in Fallout4VR and now PrimordianVR. I’m using an 8k not sure if the difference in panel size has anything to do with it. Others have stated possible causes being face shape, ipd hmd position etc. As i said to someone in a private message earlier it is disappointing hearing these distortion reports geometry when I experienced none. I’m sure an app not fitted for wide screen would be an obvious cause, its still somewhat of a mystery and sad since obviously I think my 8k is awesome and enjoy it more than any of my previous hmds.


Amazing , so I see 3 options here:
1 . Your eyes/ brain accomodating rapidly that you not noticing it.
2. You are lucky bastard and won Pimax custom lenses lottery.

  1. Holly water droped on your HMD and fix algorithm, it’s miracle, people we dont need the eye tracking module anymore !!!
  2. ;). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OLv6ycYcpGI


Ha, Ha, I would agree possibly I have the golden Pimax 8k but no fortunately there are others who also do not experience the fishbowl/barrel distortions. :laughing:

not saying things can’t be brought closer to perfection by Pimax obviously nothing is ever perfect and I’m sure they will make better adjustments in the future for all possibilities and parameters of their hmd over time such as using eye tracking to adjust.


Just to verify: if you start SteamVR home, in the room with the panel with the apps on it:

And then look at one of the borders of on of the panels, keep looking at it and then slowly move your head left/right while you keep looking at that border, till that vertical line is at the edge of your lens and then slowly move your head the other way around and see that line in the other lens edge. Then that border stays 100% vertical line in the edges of the lenses too? It doesn’t slightly bend? It’s not that it bends like 45 degrees LOL it’s only a slight bend but it’s certainly there.


May I asked you for a close photo of your lenses ?


To see if I can experience what you describing I may load home for the fun of it but I stopped using that along time ago never liked it for one thing I do not like the teleport only feature among other reasons, but yeah I’m curious if it is only in certain apps such as home. Next time I go into one of my games I’ll take a much harder look. As I said I really wish everyone the best experience. I have no reason to lie about my experience as you know I’m retired and do not work for fresnel lens or Pimax for me its just about fun luckily and I really do not care otherwise when I stop having fun in VR than I quit.


No worries, I don’t think anybody thinks you’re lying. But it could very well be that you just haven’t noticed the effect. I just tried it again and actually I said ‘slowly’ above but the effect is more noticeable when you do it a bit more quickly. The whole panel then becomes sort of ‘wobbly’ near the edges