Pimax 5k+ received! Early experience (Spamenigma)


Still not sure on the distortion situation, will continue on that tomorrow.

Next problem. 3 stuck pixels! :frowning: 1 on left screen 2 on the right. Anyone know of any techniques that might attempt to unstick them before I google or contact pimax?

After a reboot I’m getting an odd situation, the screen has a weird split and takes a HMD reset to clear, its happened twice now. Happens in everything the pimax logo, the pimax home, steamvr home…

I’ll do a clear out of all pimax files and reinstall, but since a reset clears it I’m not convinced.


Dayum, WTH. Another one bites the dust? I hope they get these issues worked out before they start shipping out the late backers, I have one in the 2000’s and one in the 4000’s


I have observed the screen rendering issue you described requiring the reboot etc.

As mentioned due to my cat(s) i store my headset until ready to use.

My windows pc being off without the headset connected. I usually connect the headset after it boots dp-usb & last power. But have completed reboots without an issue. I haven’t experienced that for quite sometime.

Stuck pixels? I haven’t found much in the past. Though my old phlips had one that seems to have corrected itself after I sold it.


Why don’t you swap the the lenses to see if the distortion changes? From what I understand it is supposed to be quite easy.


Thanks! Well that’s something in common at least :slight_smile: odd my other HMD never did it… Not too big a deal if its always correctable but a bit of surprise this time around.


You would think both headsets would behave exactly the same .


That is my final plan if I decide its definitely the lens and not something else like alignment. I have the IPD low so its annoying on the nose, however I’ve noticed my nose not hurt quite as much on this one so curious about the alignment of the lenses to my face.


Yea, I’m considering the fact I’ve introduced two headsets to the software, and I’m also considering @Heliosurge does the same even if one is an 8k… If there is some config being influenced by the differences. I did notice early on if I do a straight swap my eyes are at floor level on the new one and swap back its fine. I’ve not done a calibration yet and since the reboot its fine. So it definitely picks up a difference in the HMD’s.

Just wild theories in the face of not knowing wtf is going on :joy:


I just sifted back through sjefdeklerk‘s previous posts to see if he mentions his ipd and found that he mentions that the 5k+ hurts his nose so maybe he also has a low ipd . Maybe this is why you guys are seeing the distortion more than others. I know this just speculation but you never know. Your new 5k+ might have a slightly bit different range of ipd settings so you can’t set it the same as the other headset.


Sj has a wide ipd similar to SwrViver as I recalll.


Bugger , so much for that theory :joy:


Smfh pimax… this is unacceptable @xunshu @Pimax-Support @PM_Sean we need better quality control than this…


Well it’s actually not THAT easy. With the Vive (pro) you can just pop them out. Pimax however uses adhesive to put the lenses in place. It’s not a big deal to get them out either way, but the adhesive can then get stuck on a lens and you’ll need to clean it with some soap to remove the adhesive when that happens (which it did when I removed them). But yeah, other than that it’s easy.


I’m afraid that’s actually even a bit harder. The problem is that Pimax has put a plastic layer separating the panel from the lens. To remove that layer is also possible but you’ll break guarantee since you really need to open up the HMD


New headset and you have 3 bad pixels. Scares me to think they consider this the retail version.


Well definitely not good. Desktop monitors & TVs often have in there warrenties allowances for a number of dead/stuck pixels. But a VR headset shouldn’t have these allowances with magnification being involved.

I was lucky with the TV i had awhile ago as it had a cluster together on a TV at the time I had for 3weeks. After that I have a policy to see a Monitor with no picture on so I csn see a stuck pixel if present. Messes up the sales rep when I ask to see a no input screen. Lol


Yes, I’m not massively impressed by the pixel issue will see how that goes, now that HMD production is more or less flowing, we should have a lot more comparisons from people and we can see where fault trends are. I might just be unlucky twice :slight_smile: or pimax are about to have a lot of complaints!? tbc…

I’m still unsure on the lens thing, been just playing tonight with a mate of mine over showing the pimax to. I had no cause to up the IPD to limits being low but he did whilst trying it and got my newer HMD up to 73, my other one barely touches 69.4

So IPD range:
older HMD: 59.9 - 69.4
newer HMD: 60.2 - 73

So IPD adjustment and maybe varience in the position of lens might relate to why I’ve noticed lens distortion differences, I’ve noticed less pain on the nose on the newer one at the IPD I use around 61.

Another slight noticeable difference, the rubber attachment the face foam sits on is a bit stiffer, not saying its a problem, but showing another build difference.

I then started to think the new one felt heavier in the hand, wasn’t sure so I’ve got the scales out again.

Turns out the new one is but not by much. Weighed HMD only, no strap/cable attached.
Old 498g
New 502g

So 4g of extra plastic :slight_smile:

Its the Headstrap that was adding to my perception of weight difference.

Old Strap 39g
New Strap 56g

That’s it for now, its not exploded yet :smiley:


Interesting indeed. They have said suppliers so this could be a result of some differences.

However the pixel issue & ipd variance in adjustment range is disconcerting & should be evaluated as these are potential quality issues. Dead/stuck pixels for sure. The ipd adjustment should be consistent for range between headsets.



I’d just like to add, I know there are and have been some issues, people will read my comments and think I’m going to be slating it by now and maybe be generally upset. I just want to say in spite of some of the things I’ve had occur I’m still massively enjoying the pimax headset, even throughout the bumps. Some things might be nitpicking, some things are quite rightly valid gripes, but even as I was showing my mate, I felt a lot of pride in being able to say “look at this” “what do you think of that” knowing how good it looks! His big takeway was the FOV first, everything else second.

So its not all doom and gloom here, I am enjoying it, but no rose tinted vr gogles here so I will scrutinise, observe, compare and continue to say what I see, however accurate I might be. :vulcan_salute:


Indeed and as I have said not entirely out of the ordinary with new products. And those whom always like to brand strawman when one shows big corporations are not perfect as they make them out to be.

Unfortunately emerging companies often have hiccups. Discovery of issues often leads to new quality procedures to help reduce/eliminate future reoccurances.

Unlike when Nolo had issues pimax doesn’t seem to be trying to ignore them with such actions like Nolo had with shutting down their forum & completely ignoring emails.