Pimax 5k+ received! Early experience (Spamenigma)


Perhaps setup a thread to report faults so Pimax can better track quality control issues. The should really have people at the end of the line testing for dead pixels


In theory the helpdesk is for this purpose.

We could probably setup some kind of similar tracking method of sorts. But would need folks to ensure there using pimax’s proper channel & not thinking a forum tracker will resolve issues.


Thanks for sharing this with us! How long did you wait for Pimax 5k+ from time were you provided the detailed info about your shipping address to Pimax support? I’m backer 1500+ and I just received this email - but I’m going for Holiday on 20th December and I will be back in UK in January so it is 3 weeks which I will be absent and I don’t want to miss shipping time… is 4 weeks enough for them to deliver it to me?


Isn’t this dead pixel thing a nuisance with displays since ages, and a certain threshold of dead pixels applies before it is even considered to be a faulty display ?


No problem. There’s no accurate standard to the shipping process, its all variable I’m afraid.

For me as the very first small batch shipment it was estimated to ship end of sept, but actually started its journey 8th Oct (mostly due to a china holiday), it took about 11 days to arrive in the UK and a further day to arrive with me.

The next batches were tied to the production being slow so took longer from initial email to be sent.

The currently shipped batches sound like they are arriving at distribution countries, and people are waiting for the last stage with responses from Pimax to say they are still on route to the distribution place when its known they are already there, so that’s getting confusing!

Production looks to be changing up gears every couple of days so things might be quicker that side again now.

Overall there’s no baseline to judge shipment time, for backer 1500 I imagine 2 more weeks before shipment starts, and 2 weeks to get there. But its all variable.


Thank you for your time and great response!


While I agree with Monitors & TVs a VR Headset on the otherhand especially out of the box should have none visiable.


The point is, if this is a fact of life thing in the production of LCD‘s it would be astonishing if they could cut it out if the screens are to be used for VR - that would mean they could cut it out if they just wanted to! So why don‘t they do the same then for the TV & monitor production ?

In reality it would come down to being selective, and only take those which have no dead pixels - so you get a lower yield from a production run, equaling a higher price per unit. I guess displays are the most expensive component of a headset, so you would feel the impact right-away.

Where I agree is that they probably should at least make sure that the dead pixels are not in the central area which you look at 80-90 % of the time.


This is not a TV. Dead stuck pixels should only be accepted when in the hidden mask area as this allows screens ti be used with this kind of defect as the pixels with issues are not seen at all. Allowing 2nds to be used without compromising the vr experience. This isn’t a TV or monitor; this is a special purpose device.


An approximation of where they are:


I am not sure I see the substantial difference here - on my monitor I will be just as annoyed to see dead pixels if they are in the visible part, i.e. not hidden behind the bezel.

And from a manufacturing point of view isn’t rather a case of it is what it is - apparently one cannot easily avoid dead pixels in production, so you either have XX% of your production going directly in the bin or sell these. And you can be sure, that a manufacturer will be happy to comply, but in that case his pricing will factor in the loss in production in the unit prices. Same as apparently the Intel chips are separated in quality and the ones who turn out to be stable for overclocking get the “K” denomination and those of lesser quality are branded without the “K” and sold for a cheaper price… the question is, if it were to add 50-100 bucks to the price of the 5K+/8K, would people appreciate this ?

Okay, I assume your picture is trying to mimick the fried egg shape of the lenses, so two of the three dead pixels are in the more central area, but at least not directly in the center ?


The ‘substantial’ difference is on a monitor they are not magnified and shoved right in front of your face. :slight_smile:

The circle is what I consider the primary view area. Yes, the stuck pixels are not dead centre but 2/3 are in focus in the main visible region. In a dark scene, you will notice them when looking around the middle.


Yeah, can see why that would be more annoying. Especially, if you have moved on from an older HD to a 4K monitor where it would not be that big an issue any longer anyhow, as you will hardly notice it.


And that is the reason. Special purpose device has different needs requirements on the screens vs a TV.

My old TV had small area of stuck pixel(wasn’t there at purchase) that I hadn’t noticed as it was 2inches from bottom bezel & 4 inches in. Until a friend pointed them out. A cyan bright dot that my eyes would gravitate to. I was able to fix it by a fine tip black marker.

VR the monitor is attached to your face. Unless those are in the hidden mask or near edge out of main view area. It will be a huge immersion killer. Especially on the 5k vs the 8k.


Have you contacted support yet about the stuck pixels? I would love to know what there policy is especially when they are right in your face so they will be very hard to ignore.


I’ve emailed their support today so will see how that goes! I will report all relevant feedback.


There’s been an accident…

Wooops… :joy:


Bugger how much was your 2080 ?


It obviously means sales of the 2080ti are less than expected because of the cost + the fact that it might burn your house down :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


No-o-o, they are just about to announce RTX TITAN!!!