Pimax 5k+ received! Early experience (Spamenigma)


Haha, but probably far outside my budget :slight_smile:


After 3 days, had a response to my email asking me to use the website tech support. OK fine, done that…3 days later nothing yet…

In the meantime I’ve found another stuck pixel on the right screen, so 1 left, 3 right.


In other news whilst I wait for that scenario to play out, my Samsung Odyssey+ arrived :slight_smile:

“Estimated Arrival in the United Kingdom: Dec 07 - Dec 28” it actually arrives 5th Dec! That’s how you set and smash expectations Pimax :wink:

A few quick unbox pics for anyone interested: https://imgur.com/gallery/hqHdbUI

Will get it plugged in shortly but I’m not impressed with what Samsung did around the nose area, lets in loads of light, this seems ridiculous… so a point to Pimax for that at least!


Beyond me how Samsung could fuck up comfort on so many different levels. Literally everyone’s complaining about bad comfort like wtf? It’s like they didn’t test the thing for more than a minute…seriously don’t get why every company doesn’t just copy paste the psvr headstrap which is known to be the most comfortable out of all headsets…


Its mind boggling, I can see a few things I would do different. I’m going to have to do some modding on ody+ I can see. Even the big companies can’t do it properly!


Shipping is delayed due to the headset being tested. Im guessing that part is bs or someone blind was testing your headset.


I’m sure we’re not getting the whole story (and tbf we shouldn’t need all the dirty washing if they set the right expectations), that was a stupid excuse for delays in shipping larger batches regardless of accuracy. Obviously nobody looked at my HMD properly but that statement was made after mine was shipped.


You can swap the old lens out for the new ones. sweviver did it pretty easily.


I’ve not got back to that scenario, but gut feeling was actual IPD/lens position differences which I also noticed the IPD ranges differ quite a bit between HMD’s, makes me wonder how accurate it is and why they can differ so much.

The main issue that I’ve reported is the 4 stuck pixels.


so how do you like the o+ so far? Hopefully I’m getting mine tomorrow, otherwise monday


RE: Samsung Odyssey+

I like it. Its yet another HMD with good and bad points. (also has 1 dead pixel…lol).

Comfort is one thing I like! its not perfect but I like the headstrap design and look forward to the pimax audio strap which if little has changed looks to have the same kind of design with forehead support. I don’t like that there is no flip system, especially as the HMD isn’t up against my face properly towards the bottom. Weight is good too and so for the first time not having to hold a HMD up with the skin on my face is a nice change! (not used psvr).

Light leak at the side and especially around the nose area is pretty bad, clearly some stupid design decisions made there. I’ll probably mod it a little, wont take much effort to sort (even though we shouldn’t have to!?!?)

Tracking seems very good, not noticed any issue its at least good enough for the purposes I’d use it for.

SDE is the best I’ve seen yet but its still visible and I can see the pixels in a diagonal arrangement, but it takes some real effort to focus on them. its more like a fine grainy effect on the image visible mainly when you move around but when you’re mostly still its pretty much unnoticeable.

Although SDE has been much improved there is a side effect from the Fresnel lenses creating a sort of shadow of rings on the image almost replacing the SDE benefits with another visual artifact/annoyance. that is distracting at times when you see it. mostly noticeable on large areas of white/light background.

God rays exist, not as bad as rift and from memory not quite as bad as my vive, but not by much, maybe a bit finer god ray rings you see.

Clarity is very good, not quite as good as 5k+ obviously but good enough in a lot of situations, the dot pattern I can see is diamond shape and so you see a slight rougher/feathered edge to text/straight lines and detail. I imagine its in part what the 8k looks like?

Colour, brightness and black levels are awesome and vibrant (as expected but nice to see)

FOV is obviously low, back to around rift/vive levels (don’t know the specifics). Now I’ve used the pimax 5k+ the compromise there is high.

I do notice distortion! some slight skew of the image, seems even samsung can’t quite master this one. But its not bad.

Another slight negative is there’s a sort of ghosting effect, as people familiar with gearvr probably will have seen. Again one of those things you only notice in some scenarios, annoying it happens but far from its biggest problems.

I quite like the WMR experience and all works nicely when I run steamvr, I also get pop up windows notifications which is useful.

Overall the positives outweigh the negatives enough imo. Its got its flaws and some stupid issues but overall I won’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone, at least at a good price point like the black friday deal offered.


For a minute thought you had a 3rd pimax wirh flaws. But it seems even ms & samsung have trouble with shipping & quality (xb minecraft controllers lol)


RE: Samsung Odyssey+

Edited above “Oh, another slight negative is there’s a sort of ghosting effect, as people familiar with gearvr probably will have seen. Again one of those things you only notice in some scenarios, annoying it happens but far from its biggest problems.”


Just had a response from pimax regarding the stuck pixels, we’re on day 7.

“Alan Sun commented:
for the 3 stuck pixels in the main view area,would you please take photo or video?”

Fantastic, that’s going to be fun to achieve… white on black is not showing up anywhere near as well on cam due to the backlight. Sort of caught 1…spot the dot :slight_smile:


Changed the Default.jpg to a color that will show tge dead/stuck pixel.


That’s what I’ve initially done, made it black. I’ll experiment with other colours see if anything highlights it better.


Would you compare it to the kind of old analogue fotography grain then ?

Is that different / in addition to God rays, or just more yet slightly less visible rings ?

Could you describe this a bit more, comparing it to the kinds of distortions which have been discussed with the Pimaxes ? Where is it visible (far out is less annoying than if it were in central areas) ?


RE: Samsung Odyssey+

Yes, I could go along with that, it’s an extremely small/fine pattern.

The ring shadows are different to the God days. It’s a darkening of the image in progressive rings. The fact it’s got a shape is enough to make it more distracting then sde can be.

The distortion is a lite version of what the pimax does with geo distortion. As the image moves towards the sides it gradually skews (possibly bends)and maybe not shrink this time but adjusts position. There is also visible edge distortion, blurring possibly with some chromatic aberration forming. It’s not horrible/bad just pointing out it’s not absolutely perfect either.


Could you please clarify in your comments as to what hmd you are referencing just in case someone like me might stumble into this thread and think you are talking about the Pimax 5k. I thought as well as @Heliosurge for a moment you were describing the 5k. I realize if you follow the entire thread you would know but If you jump around like i do you could get confused. Just a suggestion.


RE: Samsung Odyssey+

Attempted a pic of the ring shadow effect in the Samsung Odyssey+