Pimax 5k+ received! Early experience (Spamenigma)



Yeah another user mentioned issues with installing 84 from scratch & posted the fix of updating 76. Recent thread. He deserves the credit. :beers::wink::+1::sparkles:


Looking forward to see more early backers share their first experiences on the 5k+ and 8k. Very interesting read indeed.


Yeh, me too. If 3000 backers can’t sort by the time mine arrives then it’ll be staying in its box. Lol


LOL! Mine won’t. It would be like waiting to open your most desired XMas gift.

The silver lining is that the 2080s and maybe 2080 Tis will have more time to go on sale. I’m hoping for a price drop, once more people have a chance to see the lackluster performance increase. I’m thinking many will get 1080 and 1080 Tis and 2070s instead. VR enthusiasts need all the power they can get (or afford).


I am in the low 5000’s but they can send me one now if they want . I am happy to be a guinea pig :grin:


Haw haw thanks for all your free beta testing early backers. ( is secretly deeply regretting waiting so long and having number near 5000 )


What SteamVR are you using, SteamVR or SteamVR Beta ?


SteamVr Beta. 20 chars


Haha, OK…

My first look was at simple rocky planet (a placeholder/default thing pitool must provide), nothing special and so I didnt try and pay much attention to anything. So I’d say my actual first look was in steamvr home.

I was instantly wowed by clarity but had a sinking feeling about colour and brightness being a little washed out and low. I’ve since seen other apps run where colours look a lot nicer and environment brighter so inconclusive on that.

Clarity was the #1 great feeling! Being able to see everything properly.


To be fair, so far I’ve been trying things with the latest software and it works, the current pains are introduced with us all trying to downgrade the PiTool but if we just ran with latest version so far it does just work and I’ve not had to adjust much for a few things to run fine.


This worries me a little.


It was slightly disappointing at first glance, but I’ve seen other things where its not a problem. Wondering if it depends on the game/app or just the colours they use. We’ve also been told colour is yet to be adjusted on the 5k+ by Pimax. So far it was only steam home that I felt like that!


I feel the same in pimax 4k, I suspect why colour is bad in steamvr home, but feel better in the game.


pimax 5k+ backer here, jive got a i5 8600k and a msi gtx 1080 gaming x ust wanting to know what settings your playing on? pi tool 1.0 steam super sampling 100% high ultra medium or low settings are you playing most games at to hit 90fps? thank you!!! just really tied up if i need a 1080ti :smile: im a person who isnt so much into the perfect quality so high medium is fine for me, how is this working out for your rig?


Well I’m running a 8700K with gtx 1080 and so far things are running and look ok, but I’m only just starting to get into playing something, so far just running and spending 5mins taking a look without changing any settings… just getting a feel for it.

I’ve got fpsVR running now so I can better assess what is going on and will report back.

What games are you looking to play?


American Truck Sim
Elite Dangerous
War Thunder


I have all of those… just messing with ED now, may look at ATS shortly :slight_smile:


Looking forward to hearing about your exp with it.


With FPSVR you might run into some games that will not launch.

I have only found 1 so far. SublevelZero.


I added your name in the topic title @spamenigma I suggest future users do that too, though I guess we won’t need that much user experience topics anymore, a central topic with user experiences will probably suffice in the future.