Pimax 5k+ received! Early experience (Spamenigma)



Well I’ve just had a first go at comparison of settings in Elite Dangerous on my 8700K with GTX 1080 OC

ED - Combat Training Mission
ED Settings: Quality VR Medium

PiTool Settings:
Version = .84, RenderQuality=1, FOV=Normal, HAM=Enabled, CWPP=Enabled

SteamVR Beta
Video=100% and App Resolution=100%
Resolution=4622x3949 per eye
FPS = 45

Video=50% and App Resolution=100%
Resolution=3268x2792 per eye
FPS = 63

Video=40% and App Resolution=100%
Resolution=2923x2498 per eye
FPS = 78

Video=28% (recommended in SteamVR) and App Resolution=100%
Resolution=2446x2090 per eye
FPS = 90

Surprisingly ALL modes felt playable, the highest 100% setting giving 45fps the movement was noticeably less smooth, especially on the target ship.

At the recommended setting (28% in SteamVR), it still looked good but you could just start to see text slightly degraded, slightly more jaggies!

Obviously, there is plenty more that can be tweaked, this is just a first impression and attempt at comparing settings to see how ED works out on my PC and maybe a reference for others.

Received 5k+ today

No problem, tweaked it a bit more :slight_smile:


the aspect ratio is really wierd, would it not be 16:9, the Vive pro per eye resolution was 1440x1600 giving 8:9, around 2.3mpix

wouldn’t 2560x1440 be native for it, isn’t all theses resolutions some form of super sampling, and if so wouldn’t all this look beter on the 8KX and still run the same?


A lot to do with the FOV mode, I was using normal. Here are more figures.

SteamVR Video at 50%

PiTool FOV - Small: Resolution = 2365x2792

PiTool FOV - Normal : Resolution = 3268x2792

PiTool FOV - Large : Resolution = 5897x2792

A very strange difference between Normal and Large considering the visible difference is quite minor. :thinking:


that’s most likely because normal setting is more of the native resolution and large is up scaled…


Yeah, that can’t be right. @Sean.Huang, what do you thing of this?


The FOV setting is just supposed to be culling the edge of the image (not related to any ss adjustment beyond chopping the edge off). But the difference between Large and Small is massive!.. around 60% drop??


It is possible to be the render frame of the game, for this FOV, because it need to be stretched at the end of the frame to simulate less distortion…


could you please tweak in game settings ? Vr medium preset is a bit bad decision , prepare you own custom graphic settings in game, like : AA off , low shadows , ambient off, distance render scale 2/3 ,other visuals at high/ultra ( textures have no impact on fps)


Happy to try it, for the sake of time this was more a proof of concept: how well will it run on my gtx 1080… it’s certainly looking viable but as I’d mentioned plenty more can be tweaked and so happy to try. Once I lock down settings I obviously need to play properly and test the experience of the game including planets and SRV use. (And try and not get my conda blown up for forgetting keybindings as I did yesterday)

Going back in o7


how do you feel with black level in Elite on 5K+?


Blacks are acceptable. Large patches of black in the HMD will look very dark grey, but when there is other brighter detail around it contrasts against the blacks enough to make them appear black. ED space isn’t exactly black anyway, sort of ultra dark blue , some parts of the cockpit actually look even darker (black).

A bad through the lens pic here:

Just to say in reality it looks better than that pic :slight_smile:


You tried PSVR? Because blacks in PSVR are very grey.


No, not had a chance to see one.


I suppose that it is normal in RGB displays.


PSVR using Oled display I didnt notice problem with black there…


Oh! Yes. And Pimax 5K+ is CLPL. They are similar in black level. When I only see black in PSVR then I see all grey.


not sure if Pimax adjust something in 5k + but based your picture I can say that in Berlin Meetup Elite deep space was more greyish


Done a little more testing.
PiTool Still: Version = .84, RenderQuality=1, FOV=Normal, HAM=Enabled, CWPP=Enabled
SteamVR set at 32% Video 2615x2234 Per Eye

ED: Custom: AA=Off, Shadows=Low, Ambient Occ=Off,Texture=High. (Not sure about distance render scale?? can you advise?)

I got 90FPS outside the station and 65-70FPS inside. Looks and plays well!


best is around 70 or 60 % of the slider