Pimax 5K+ Replacement of April 2019 not shipping. No answers. SUPEN-3717



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Hey guys,

I’m from Germany. I’m not sure what’s going on and why nobody is replying to me anymore via ticket system.

I have received my backed Pimax 5k+ in January.

The housing developed cracks after 3-4 weeks in February. Month by month it got worse. I have never dropped the HMD and never hit it hard. But there are cracks just everywhere. Even at the 2 small threads on the bottom. Then it was just too much and I couldn’t do anything but to send it back and repair it.

It also has very bad black dots all over the place. I can see the black dots in red-color very well.
The Pimax cable has some white-pixels problem (bad shielding).

So it was time to send it back for a replacement in April.

I have sent back the HMD on April 16th. It arrived the UK Warehouse April 18th.

On April 29th I have asked for progress.

michael wang said they received the faulty headset and a new one would be shipped within 5-12 working days. ( 2019/04/30 10:45 )

It’s 16 working days now and I get no longer any answers. :frowning:

Yes 16 working days is not far from 12 but if you see it as a whole, they have my faulty headset since April 18th and nothing happens.

I didn’t even ask to give back the shipping costs. I only want a functional Pimax back and I want to support Pimax.
I am or was recommending the headset all over the place. It’s great. But now I don’t know what to think… it seems like the headset never comes back?!

But now it’s getting bad… I’d love to play it.
I’d just buy a 2nd Pimax so I could just play. But if I ordered a 2nd one, I would still be waiting. So it doesn’t make sense!

Is something messed up because I didn’t ask to get my shipping costs back via PayPal?
What’s going on??

  1. SUPEN-3717
  • Your request status changed to Get the issue HMD and shipping the replacement .

2019/05/05 09:51

  • Your request status changed to Waiting for issue HMD return .

2019/05/05 09:50


Join the club i have same issues.
The communication/service is way bellow normal standards.


This is unfortunate to hear.

I would have loved to have back the old system, where I send back my Pimax and they would send a new Pimax at the same time.

Or at least I was thinking the moment it arrived UK Warehouse April 18th, they would send back a new one just a few days later!?

@SweViver said (in his latest “big news” stream he would help me . Not sure if he can. I am one big fanboy of Pimax. I have always defended it. Even when the problems were obvious. But the product can be so awesome. But being a fanboy is slowly fading away now. I need my HMD!

I wish I would have never shipped my Pimax away and just lived with those cracks. But I had them in every corner and very little pieces of plastic even fell off!

Now I have nothing and nothing happens.


Hi Sven! Im in contact with Kevin and they are working on your issue. Something must have gone wrong here. I have not yet started with support tickets personally, but he said the team is working on resolving the issue for you.


Any progress ? :sunglasses:


@DerekVVV can you look into this ?



sure, i am following this up, will back to you soon.


backer 3845,

your 2nd delivery is submitted days ago, however the UK warehouse is in short of 5K PLUS -EU.
the replenishment is expected to be done today or tomorrow,
I believe you will receive the new headset soon.


According to information I have been given, the UK warehouse has got a new batch of units now @REDxFROG and we will make sure it gets sent to you.


It still weirda me out a bit when Sweviver refers to Pimax as “WE” .


Haha it feels weird to me as well of course! I guess I will get used to it :wink:


I have received an email with DPD tracking number!
Now I’m excited! :smiley:
Thank you! :kissing_heart:


Perfect, Im happy to hear that! :slight_smile: