Pimax 5k+ Review and some issues


So I got my Pimax 5k from a early backer of eBay , I paid a premium price just to get it , the inistial setup was pretty easy , I didn’t really run into problems there
I first tried virtual desktop , and it amazed me with the fov and the colours weren’t that bad at all , it was great, but after some examination I notice two dots on the left lense , I’m not sure if it’s a dead pixel or some dust in between. It’s hard to see but in bright scenes
its noticeable , I wanted the pimax mainly for the games I like playing through my vive , they are assetto Corsa , onward , stand out , ping pong , dcs
the scale on all games i tried seem too have a abit of a larger world scale , after trying to get the ipd as good as possible it seemed ok , still a little off in imo
the fov helps alot but there is some getting use too , the colors are abit soft not as rich as the vive but maybe closer to the rift cv1 , the blacks could give you a hard time when your in a dark game , hopefully they implement something like the back light dimming feature soon too see if that helps . all in all its a great headset takes some getting use too and appreciating its glory , unfortunately mine has dot/pixel problem and ive just notice the front top left plastic is starting to crack , just by mounting on my head, earlier on I read somewhere here that they got another supplier for the molds ,I think the early ones might have this weaker plastic

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Do you know your IPD? Correct IPD setting is essential for the Pimax 8k and 5k+.


I played around with it , I think I’m a 65 , from back and forth it didn’t really change anything but the sweetspot


My recommendation is to let an optician measure your IPD precisely. Incorrect IPD will affect your sense of scale in the Pimax HMDs.


I could do , try that but I did own the rift and vive, the scales were definitely smaller the ipd could change it but I think world scale would still have to be lower


I own Rift, Vive and other HMDs. On the small ~100° FOV HMDs IPD setting does not really matter that much for me. On the Pimax its a huge difference. You can test scale with the Vive wands. Hold them in front of you and see if the size of the controller models in the HMD matches the size of the physical controllerrs in the real world.


I’ll have to try that again, but I was noticing the scale of the controller being alor bigger then it actually would be , I was calculating the adjustment for the sweetspot , but I’ll try again for the scale , I did mess around with last night didn’t seem to improve but I’ll try again


What games are you playing ?


Not really fixed to a specific genre. However I do not play FPS and wave shooters. RPG, flight and race sims, platformers. I’m mainlzinterested in new game mechanics that leverage VR strenghts.


Hi Mike

Can you take a pic on a white like screen to capture these dots?

In theory we should see a brightness control in pitool sometime in hopefully near future. However if your coming from Oled Black will never be as black as that.

@Dallas.Hao @Pimax-Support possible quality issue with Dot on lenses or display.


Thanks for those links I’ll read them up , I think it might be possible to take a pic through the lense but there so tiny I would have to check it out later


The left has a dot the right has a dot and abit of a line very tiny to it going upwards if I had to guess I’d think it’s something between the lense not sure


If you look in the pitool directory there will be a default Pimax logo file.

In pitool check pihome off & the logo will show in headset if steamvr not running. Change this jpg file to a white screen pic. If dot black may show easier.


Ok thanks I’ll try that later on