Pimax 5K+ seems to have developed bad lightbleed from both lenses



At the start of the month I got my Pimax 5K+ and I tested Elite Dangerous for black levels and ligthbleed. The black levels weren’t great and seemed just about acceptable, the lightbleed was there but not a major problem.

I have just played Senmua VR and I could not believe how utterly bad the lightbleed was. Any dark scenes were ruined by a yellowish haze of lightbleed. So to ensure it wasn’t the game I tested IL-2 BoX in a night mission and it was the same thing.

Is it possible for a HMD to develop lightbleed? I genuinely would have noticed it being this bad. I took this using a pure black screen in VR and as can be seen I get a lot of light bleed

Is this normal?


Wow that is bad!!!


What is the light bleed in Elite Dangerous now compared to a month ago?


My 5k+ is about the same I only play brite games with it. No issue at all with my 8k.


That looks bad, but how long was your camera exposure? I’m assuming it was on automatic, so is that a good representation of what you see, or was the brightness exaggerated by the camera?

Regardless, if the situation has seriously worsened, I’d recommend contacting Pimax support.


I uninstalled Elite Dangerous but can reinstall as a test.


It doesn’t look far off that to be honest, though yes it is exaggerated due to total dark room and only the pimax on with a pure black screen. Could you (or anyone else) do a similar test as a comparison please?


I have only been playing Il-2 BoS and DCS during daylight missions. It was during a test of Senmua I noticed how bad it was.


So having searched the forum I found these 2x threads with images of lightbleed that looks like what I see.

@Neander @monti did you get your Lightbleed issue resolved? Did it look like the image in my post above?

@Tyleristall did you get your problem resolved


My light bleed is like that. I haven’t had resolved yet. They say they’re talking it over but I thing resolved.


Do someone test the Affected? I feel it has some bightness layer all over the game and difficult to see some environment in the game (The beginning room not be like this), titanic vr is same.


No i did not get it resolved.
I also have bad housing.
They told me to send a new one.


This is light bleed?

Image which I am looking.

How should it be?
Because when I play all dark game, it always has some light over the image of the game, but I misunderstand that it is some grey colour).

On steamvr home, I try to look at the edge and it is purple colour, but not sure that it is light bleed or not.

This is the first headset I am waiting to return after get the new replacement.


lol cant believe he didnt test that.


the chewing gum they use to adhere the panels must have come loose


who uninstalls Elite Dangerous :grinning:


Yup, I reported the same issue in Tyleristall’s thread… I’m patiently waiting for a reply from Pimax support, and in the meantime I’m curious about Tyleristall’s replacement, to see if it’s an improvement or not…


Mine has developed a small spot on the far left. I have covered it with a piece of electrical tape at the edge of the lense.


Oculus Home began, suddenly, launching over and over, here, so I figured maybe I should get around to finishing Technolust, so that I can uninstall OH after that…

Same experience as with the Rift: The ridiculously dank environments of the game are completely overpowered by the glare in the device. :stuck_out_tongue: