Pimax 5K specific (vs 8K model)


Not really. I have not seen a 5k through the lenses yet. But The resolution vs the increased FOV by mathematical measure does not equal a significant sde improvement on the Pimax 5k. The real measure now though is the Vive pro. And the 5k will have worse SDE than vive pro for certain. Vive pro has better resolution and smaller FOV. The worry I have is nausea. If the 8k gives me nausea because of the lower refresh rate, the SDE will not matter anymore.

EDIT : I was reading he specs for the vive pro wrong. It said 2880x1600. I thought this was per eye. It is 1440x1600 per eye. The Pimax 5k is 2560x1440 per eye. Vertical res is lower but it is still much higher res… My mistake


just wrong.
The 5k will have rather similar resolution per degree of FoV as the Vive Pro according to their specs. But there is some variance that comes with the lenses, but in general it should be on par, just way wider than the Vive Pro. Definitely better than current Vive or CV1. Then there is the benefit of the LCD tech, screen door effect will be much less compared to those OLED types. Picture samples have been provided during the Kickstarter campaign also here in the forum.

just to be clear - you have to calculate a lesser resolution for red and blu for OLEDs according to the sub pixel pattern. The LCD tech is expected to come with full RGB res in comparison. (It’s proven with DK2 in EliteDangerous, only playable in green mode, since green subpixels were the only ones with full res on that OLED)


I believe higher resolution can significantly decrease nausea but then does the wider FOV / 80 Hz refresh increase it . We will hopefully soon see with our own eyes


That’s probably why when i compared the lenovo explorer sde it looks about the same as the Samsung/Vive pro oled screen


I believe higher resolution has very little effect on nausea since ppl who forgot their prescription glasses don’t start to throw up just because they did…

Comments about wider FoV were rather positive with regards to nausea, that is also my expectation on that matter.
Nausea is more about the delay of the image impression vs. the natural expectation. Stuttering, strobing, photon delay or input delay of HMD position… that is where nausea is caused.

I can imagine playin table tennis in VR needs a very high refresh rate to avoid nausea, driving or flight sim not so much. But with a stable FPS at 80Hz i wouldn’t expect issues with most content out there.


ah yes,
I was reading he specs for the vive pro wrong. It said 2880x1600. I thought this was per eye. It is 1440x1600 per eye. The Pimax 5k is 2560x1440 per eye. Vertical res is lower but it is still much higher res… My mistake


I am nausea prone. It is just the opposite for me. Driving, Flying give sickness very quickly unless the FPS is stable and high. I can play games that use my own feet as the balance/vehicle/movement with low fps without much issue.


I guess we all have our own individual limits. Your impression about high FPS might also very well be a side effect. Since high FPS tend to rather have also short frame latency it might be just that rather that than the absolute amount of frames per second. But not every setup has same latency even if the FPS or refresh rate might be high.
Then a 5k might have slightly lesser photon delay when there is no extra logic to upscale for 8k… but without testing nobody can tell if it’s relevant.
So it’s still kind of an individual gamble whether the 5k has some benefits there or not…


Not sure about this, for example Vive Pro uses Samsung’s OLED panels, wich has Pentile subpixel matrix, and has the known disadvantage of having a more noticeable SDE than a LCD stripe pixel matrix counterpart, this is clearly noticeable looking at how low is the SDE on the Pimax 4K screen (personally verified this) compared to some OLEDs used in other VR headsets, the 4K is still unsurpassed I think, the 5K will probably be only slightly better (providing Pimax is going to use OLED panels in this model, like previously announced) than Vive Pro/Samsung Odyssey, at least until these new announced micro oled panels with very high Ppi numbers will start to be used in new VR headsets.

While the 8K will probably have almost no SDE at all, or barely noticeable.


Okay, I remeber Heliosurge or someone else being saying that even the 4K was using the CLPL panel, it sounded very strange to me, but the question was however clarified later, and I got the confirmation that 4K uses just an ordinary stripe LCD pixel matrix panel.


Having the Lenovo Explorer too, I can fully confirm this, very low SDE, almost unnoticeable ghosting too, surprisingly a good panel.


Wait ???.. Are you saying that Pimax changed the original Kickstarter 5K blueprint from using OLED to using the same CLPL panel tech used in the 8K ??


Yes, that’s my understanding. Pimax mentioned something about it before the Kickstarter was finished. It’s the same type of LED panel, but running at a native 2560x1440 resolution.


This is really too bad…a lower res Oled alternative like the 4K BE would have been perfect, and also a good test bed for nausea management in some people. :unamused:


I have followed KS from its early stage and it has been stated that 5K would also use CLPL tech. Just some old marketing/technical info on the website was not up to date.


Actually the update says that 5K can do 90Hz, nothing about whether it will ship in this configuration or some other. While I guess many would wish it would it is possible that Pimax decides to ship it with the same refresh as 8K just to have both models as close as possible with hardware specs. I just hope that they will consult backers first before taking this route.


I understood that a software update of some kind could potentially increase the 8k Hz down the line , The 5k doesn’t have an upscaling chip so surely will just run at 90 Hz


What does it mean “also” ?? Two 5K models ?..this is becoming confusing…ok…let’s ask to the in-know people…

@xunshu - What is the current Pimax blueprint for the 5K model ? Can you confirm it will definitely use a CLPL panel unlike the initially planned OLED panel ? Any chances a 5K OLED will be taken into consideration in future ?


Coming late to the forum and ignoring information that others already collected - and also ignoring the topic and initial post of this thread - that behavior of YOU an all your cherry picking of information to make up things is really really tiresome. I wish i could put YOUR postings on an ignor list so i don’t have to read them ever again. :rage:


You see…COULD HAPPEN if there are conflicting informations on different places, news, official sites, change of production plans…

And where is the off-topic ? It is “Pimax 5K specific”… perfectly on topic.

Unless is that some personal problem of yours is triggering it…YOUR PROBLEM, and the forum exists to share and inform prople anyway…if you feel my posts annoying, blacklist me, like some already did…it’s your choice and a PERSONAL responsibility, do we need to care ?

You could have been simply link the summary in the starting topic, and…done ! I was still not in the forum in November 2017, just had missed the first post and read it lately.

And notice that I asked Xunshu a question about possible future plans…so.