Pimax 5K specific (vs 8K model)


Also means the 5K will use the same tech as 8K. Please pay attention to what the other people are replying to you and the thread you are replying to before reiterating the same questions and surprises again.


I’m paying attention, but the way you stated it implies that “also” a CLPL version would have been available, and this means also another version exist, I may have missed some posts or being confused from contradicting info, but please pay attention to your english too :grin:


Thank you @manz for reminding me of that thread.
For the moment there are too many things up in the air.
There is the likeliness of 5k going to retail too, the unknown specs for the 5k+ displays replacement, the various comments of backers on the recognizable differences… I’ll post an update after analyzing all feedback from Pimax and m1 testers review… just to sum it up then