Pimax 5k+ [stuttering] hiccups



I have very small stuttering issue more like lite hiccups.
When i move around i see very small hiccups, but this is still very annoying.
I have widescreen aspect ratio of 21:9 (3440x1440)


I’m sure this a driver issue.
because year ago when i got new update. ( before i got the headset )
my screen was sometimes Locked in 640x480
I tried to solve this issue by:

  1. Reinstalling nvidia drivers
  2. Used different drivers to see if the lockscreen is solved but it remains an issue.
  3. System restore.
  4. Display Driver Uninstaller in safe mode

But still this lockscreen happens once in a month
(Depends on how many times i have to restart my computer)

Read this good, because i’m poor explaining at this part.
I solved the lockscreen issue by re-inplug the 1.4 displayport.
Sometimes that didn’t work so i plugged into another 1.4 displayport it was solved.
Then months later it happens again i plugged into the other port again and it was solved.
And this Cycle keeps repeating

Now comes the headset issue hiccups .
I re-inplug the headset displayport 1.4. did not work…
I restart my computer and my monitor was locked in 640x480 again.
So i switched between the 5k+ displayport 1.4 and my monitor displayport 1.4.
And stuttering[hiccups] has stopped.

I have this issue for a year. but it wont want to share it why my headset.

Gigabyte GPU ‘‘GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Gaming OC 11G’’
Intel Core ‘‘i7-8700k’’
ram Corsair Vengeance LPX 16 GB DDR4 ‘‘3000mhz’’
Motherboard: ‘‘z370 Extreme4’’
Pitool: default settings.

And very small review of my headset:
Order: P123997
Order date: February 26, 2019
Date when i got my tracking number: April 15, 2019
Date when i received my headset: April 17, 2019
And the Shipping Status is still ‘‘Shipped out from factory’’

But i definitely do not regret buying it.
The WoW feeling is there, no issues(1) notting with the headset.
i do use vorpx for games and vorpx desktop with least loss of quality ( mpc-hc)
And i wait for the proper controls to come out.


Is it just me or am i asking impossible questions?