Pimax 5k+ V2 for the future


A lot of the techniques and future tech listed here would certainly be nice and is something everything wants; but I really don’t think all of this will be available (for a consumer price) in a year or two already. Some of it, definitely.

Full body tracking for example, I don’t think we’ll see that (especially in suit form) any time soon, for a reasonable price. Not to mention with nice software support.

It’s nice to dream but me I tend to focus on what has proven to be achievable, first. Even oculus does this. Their varifocal display for example is a really cool concept but they were clear that it wasn’t gonna happen any time soon.


I’m just waiting for prisons to start filling up with stock photo models, after courts begin to use it to “enhance” CCTV footage. :wink:


Full body tacking actually isn’t that hard. We don’t need Vive trackers.

The full body tracker can be plugged into the USB port of the headset and a wireframe suit can be fitted at the shoulders, chest, elbows, wrist, palm and fingers, waist, knees, ankles, feet and toes, and most of those probably won’t be necessary.

And because the wireframe suit will be monolithic, you can basically deduce position in space depending on the degree of bend in the joints and stretch in the frame. Any simple mechanism can be used to measure this.

This wireframe suit can be built now, and can be built in a way to be ergonomic and easily put on by anyone.

Force feedback resistance and force might be a little trickier, but can still be done.

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