Pimax 5K Vr Cover recommendation (What are you using)



Hi I do not wear glasses, and the Pimax 5k is pretty awesome. One thing I kinda feel is as if the default VR cover is too close to the lens. On that note…

How easy is it to be replace?
If you have replaced yours please share a URL with what you purchased

Thank you


Velcroed on. @Joeblackof has an easy thickening mod using velcro layers.


Stand corrected it was @Timo.H1

A small lifeHack for pimax.. (GLASSES)


Oh intriguing thanks maybe that is all i need Ill see about giving that a shot


The good thing with layering is you can likely choose what areas you want to thicken. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


I have the VR Covers for the Samsung Gear VR 2016 model in transit… :wink:

Seems to fit nicely and they’re 16mm as far as I can recall so a bit thicker than standard which is what I need (I’m currently using one layer of double-sided velcro).


I wonder how well your skin can breath wearing that faux leather material. Seems like a sweat bucket in the making. Just an observation though.


I’ve been using the same PU leather material (also VR Cover) on my og Vive so I know what to expect.

It doesn’t absorb sweat. That’s not the purpose of it. Rather the opposite. You can wipe it down after use and it’s as good as new (while the foam ones, incl. the Pimax ones, will absorb the sweat).

I don’t like the feeling of soaked foam against my skin. Especially not after a short break… :wink:


All l can say is for all of you who “Sweat” while “Playing” VR, do I really want to know what you are playing or Watching O_o

Errr Hemmms cough cough*


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I like the idea of the pimax one that has the side channels carved out for people who wear glasses because it can also serve as a channel to dissipate heat or channel-in fresh air from a table fan etc. I’m not in fact someone who sweats alot in VR, unlike MRT who killed his Vive sweating into it lol.


I don’t do flailing arms type games like beat your sabre :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:in VR so mostly looking for a face foam that is thicker for comfort in longer sessions, although the DAS certainly helps in that regard.


I swapped the ones on the Vive out pretty soon after getting it as the VR Cover ones were only 6mm so they increased the FOV a bit, so I haven’t really used the foam one on the Vive much.

Maybe it’s just the thought of sweat soaking the foam I don’t like. That said I don’t sweat (at least not in the face) much but still get hot enough to make the Vive foggy if playing something active (@BigSerge; Games, not “other stuff”)… :wink:

I’ve used the foam piece on the Pimax quite a lot now (played almost every day since receiving it two weeks ago) and haven’t really been bothered by it.

Who knows. Maybe I wont even like the PU leather one when I receive it…? :wink:

EDIT: If You don’t beat Your sabre in VR, then You might find a PU Leather foam replacement fine… :wink:


so what’s the game you keep going back to that gives the best experience for you on the 5K+…for me it’s the atmosphere/ambiance of Skyrim, and the thrill of flight in DCS and ED.


I have quite a large collection of games I haven’t played yet (those “damn” SteamVR sales!), so I try to play random stuff and also try to complete the games.

I’ve just finished Vanishing Realms which was great, but kinda short.

My go-to games are probably Project Cars 2 and Fallout 4 VR (a dream come true for me!), but I’ve played a lot of different games and often don’t know what to play when deciding to play… :smiley:

I haven’t tried Elite Dangerous on the Pimax 5K+ yet, but will soon as I have a whole weekend to myself soon (no girlfriend or 2 year old at home)… :wink: Elite Dangerous isn’t just a game I play for a few minutes. I’ve got a seat and X52 Pro HOTAS, Voice Attack etc, so it involves a bit of setup every time (and my play space is right next to my sons room so shouting voice commands might not be the greatest thing)… :wink: ED also blows me away (or blew me away on the og Vive) so I’m thinking I’ll be in for a treat… :wink:

I’ve only tried DCS shortly (using a Steam Controller), but I should probably try it with the seat + HOTAS setup.

I haven’t started playing SkyrimVR as I’m not sure I want to without modding it first (and it seems like quite a lot of work).

Sorry for rambling… I’m tired… :wink:


yes exactly, those damn steam sales…I just picked up A Tech Cybernetic, and NO Man’s Sky (hoping that Hello games will support wide screen on the Pimax).

Most of my games sit idle as we wait for the illusive tease of the yet to be released Pimax controllers. I have to make due with an Xbox controller and HOTAS support.

Been flying (and dying) in ED for a year or so using Voice Attack (Astra) and the Logitech X56 HOTAS (gray version)…it’s amazing in VR of course and even more so in wide screen. The depth of it will keep you “prisoner” for many hours.


I picked up No Man’s Sky too… :nerd_face:

Astra too here… :+1:

Agreed, and that’s why I can’t “just play” ED. I need to have plenty of time for it… :wink:


I am using the Vive OG foam and for the nose area, I cut the piece from the Pimax foam to avoid nose bleed. This helped a lot with image distortion. Otherwise it would be unplayable


I like the Pimax foam (tried 6,12, and 18 inch foam but the ones I got were too soft. I am using a Vive DAS, and StudioFormCreative top strap and the fit is perfect for me. The SFC top strap allows me to keep the Pimax at just the right position and distance without feeling too loose or tight.