Pimax 5k+ vs HTC Vive Pro Eye


HTC just revealed the Pro Vive Eye. It is a modified version of the Vive Pro with included Tobii Eye tracking for foveated rendering. Interesting is also the increase of resolution and PPI. 2880x1600 and 615PPI.

What do you think which HMD will be the better one in relation to SDE, sharpness and degree of details? Do you expect a huge difference between the 5K+ and the Vive?


I think they need to sort out the nasty fresnels and get a wider fov before they start pushing eye tracking :wink:


Yes. I also thought HTC did an PPI increase of 37%, but it’s compared to the HTC Vive and not Vive Pro. So Pimax will win the race :slight_smile:


It seems like the new Vive Pro Eye is not even going to be a real consumer product.
Professionals/Arcades/Demos/Education and human monitoring/diagnostics will be it’s thing. But not gaming.
Game developers will not waste their time on something that nobody is going to use. FOVeated rendering Vive Pro displays with 1080ti or 2080ti is pretty useless also. The performance of the cards is enough and the games will not demand more. Again, game developers will not squeeze out a little more graphics detail just for the Vive Pro Eye.