Pimax 5K+ with sparkling pixels



Hello All,

Received my Pimax 5K+ and got it setup today with Getting it working was simple and no more difficult than the bigger brands. Everything seemed to be working barring some stutter issues and this odd pixel sparkle. I also have no controllers as I don’t have a Vive and am waiting on my Pimax ones.

If I sit on a black screen or watch any content with black, within the black I can see pixels randomly turning different colors. It doesn’t seem to be certain pixels as there isn’t any pattern to it. It’s almost what I would describe as “bad reception”.

Thoughts? Anyone else seen this behavior?



Have you made sure the cable is firmly plugged into your headset ? You probably have a faulty cable . There are lot of backers out there with the same problem at the moment .


As stated verify headset side connector. In the 5k 8k directory @Davebobman has created a wiki of problems & possible fixes.

@Dallas.Hao please add to earlybackers.


My problem is intermittent never seems to last that long. But was present the first time i plugged it in and has reared its ugly self a number of times then disappears as quickly as it came. Will be hard to diagnose. If i could get a new cable I would.


Same exact scenario here. Now after about 10 hours of use, they seem to have gotten more more less frequent to almost gone


You guys called it. I re-seated the cable going to the headset and no more sparkles. Thank you all for your recommendation. You really have to reef on that connector to get it out though, I didn’t believe it was a connector at first due to how stiff it was. For all those trying this step, it’s not like pulling out an HDMI cable. They’ve pressure fit the connector so it doesn’t fall out… and they did it well :slight_smile:


Then wait for the flickering pixel comes back …



After you reseated the cable, now do you still have sparking pixels issues?