Pimax 5k+ with Valve knockels controllers, issue with beat saber



any one ells having issues with knockels controllers and beatsaber ?, my controllers alter angle when i play ecspecially if i have my controllers at my waist, makes you miss and its stupid watching the controllers alter angle when your waiting for nodes.

if i have my controllers at my waist they jump betwin 2 different angels every 1 sec, and if i open steam in game it says your controllers are not supported, i tryed other games and try to hold them at the same spot and there is no issue

The issue started like 2 weeks ago dont know if it was a pitool update ore something but it seams only to be beatsaber that was effected no issues in other games


If it is angle of how your holding it. @mmorselli mentioned there is option to adjust angle of controller. Check there as there is also likely user profiles there.


well i checked and i cant find anywhere were i can change the angle but the problem is that it changes it in the game, i can play one game from fresh start and it works, after one song it starts im gonna record it tomorrow, stupid enoying and cant play


Does the pimax 5k plus headset need to “see” the controllers ?, noticed now that if i look at them in the center of my screen they dont do that thing, but if i look straight on and the kontrollers are down at my leg it starts


I found this. Sounds like the issue you describe.

Controllers pair to headset but only see lighthouses. Headset & controllers only have tracking sensors.