Pimax 8K Accessories


Getting excited about a shipping date.

What accessories will be available when the 8k’s ship?
The hand module is from Leapmotion. Will they be shipped?

I know eye tracking will be later.

What about the smells unit?



@xunshu Could get we also rough estimate for the premium headstrap with earphones? I was thinking of buying the Vive Deluxe Audio Strap and modding it onto the Pimax since I’ve heard the headstrap won’t ship for a long time? If that’s true could you please give an estimated date? If it’s going to ship soon after the Pimax headset then I won’t spend money on the Vive strap.


Pretty sure the initial shipments will be just the HMD and the basic cloth strap.


Will be only headset in the first batch. will ship accessories whenever ready.


Thank you for the fast responses.

Even when the news isn’t what we hope for, it’s better to know than have to guess.


will update confirmed progress in FAQ: Pimax 5K+/8K FAQ (updating)


Awesome Thank’s for the quick response.
Looking forward to getting the HMD.

If we haven’t selected them items when we backed the 8K.
Do you just give us the option when they are availible?


The accessories will be available to pre-order.


In my pledge (8k HMD only) I added the 100$ for the hand tracking. When I switch to 5k+ i get another 100$ extra. Will this amount be transfered to a shop-account or something like that so I can order base stations per pre-order by paying the additional amount? Or use it later for the wireless module? How will this work? Or will this be bound to my kickstarter account forever?


the extra pledge could be used as the coupon to buy accessories.
you may decide based on the delivery timeline and the pricing of the accessories.


You mean I get a coupon code or something like that for the pimax shop?


should be coupon or change to other accessories directly. will update the details via Kickstarter when you really need to make a decision about how to use the extra pledge.

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