Pimax 8K complete and reliable analysis from backers to backers


To the entire community of backers of the Pimax 5K, 8K and 8K X, @xunshu , @matthew.xu and @bacon :

The Spanish user communities of Pimax 4K and future 5K, 8K and 8K X, has asked me to get a group of Pimax user backers, considered the best technical analysts of the best virtual reality websites in Spain, to test an M1, not only because they rely more on the thoroughness of their tests and their openness, for dealing with them for years, but also because they were the first users of the Pimax 4K and those who solved the most problems to all those who came behind, getting interested in them when they felt lost, and creating tutorials for help.

Only one M1 would be necessary for all tests; we are fortunate that another backer drives the high-speed train that passes through the provinces where the analysts reside, which could also invite all the backers of its vicinity. Everything would be between backers, who would witness the tests. Better yet, most analysts have YouTube and / or Twitch channels and could make several live videos showing the results of the analysis, with English translation, for all the thousands of backers. Besides, we would be responsible for publishing the results and impressions on the web and social networks of Pimax, in a simple and organized way, with photographs, diagrams, etc. All analysts would perform the same series of analysis, which could take them hours. We would try games with different computers and graphic cards, including Oculus Rift exclusive games with Revive, showing how they look through the lenses and comparing with other headsets, minimum with Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Samsung Odyssey.

The route of the tests that would link the south and the north of Spain:

Cádiz, Andalusia: to PacoTaco, backer of the Pimax 8K. AlehandoroVR can come to Paco’s house; he is one of the analysts that helped the backers of Pimax 4K and has just started his YouTube and Twich channels. They can prepare analysis and videos together and separately. PacoTaco can compare M1 with HTC Vive and Samsung Odyssey. AlehandoroVR with the Oculus Rift.

Barcelona, Catalonia: to NeoSkynet, another of the analysts backers of Pimax 8K and also Pimax 4K. He contributes on RV and Home Cinema websites; I would also go myself, Cdaked; I am backer of Pimax 8K and I do non-profit articles and reviews on the largest VR website in Spain. Basically, we would be the same ones who were going to try the Pimax v2 in Barcelona, although in the end it could not be, because of the political situation of the moment. Neither Neoskynet nor I have websites or professional YouTube channels, but we would do a joint video and share it, contrasting our data with the Andalusian team.

Bilbao, Basque Country: to Chapeka, another backer with Youtube channel, which would also contrast his data with those of the other two teams.

I think there will be a good group of videos and reviews, much more (and more reliable) than those of a single youtuber or a professional website. The only thing we need is an M1 for a few days and that Pimax assure us that, once the analysis are done, it could be returned, without anyone having to keep it. To be clear, it would be for the tests, not as the Pimax 8K kickstarter headset for any of the analysts. Obviously, we would require permission to show all the data on video.

Finally, make it clear that we would NOT be linked or representing any professional website or youtube channel, although we would be open to sharing the M1, if Pimax allow us, in the case that one professional media were interested in increase the number of analysis.

Obviously, if I post this here, it’s because we need your help to give strength to our proposal. If you are interested in complete and impartial information from a good number of backers, without companies involved, comment and give us a like.

Thank you for your attention and forgive the inconvenience.

Quick update on M1 progress
Greetings from your new beta testers from Spain!

All my support and help, cdaked, if pimax considers the option.


As long as you publish the results also in English you have my support :wink:


LOL if Chapeka recommends them, Oculus and HTC are in serious danger … :laughing:

they will not have a better quality test than that … :+1:


All my support for the Cdaked M1 Spanish tour. :grinning:


Indeed I think utilizing Media Backers like yourself @SweViver @Pumcy & @benz145 (if a backer) wpuld be very valuable. Imho more so then road trips unless a significant event & of course cost effective.

As with being a part of the test group could setup video conference for interview purposes. & this would also serve to reduce pressure on organising community updates.

& a great way to promote both PiMax & tech vr review sites.


That’s the idea. :slight_smile:


I know a lot of people ready to press the buy button as soon as there are good reviews of the product to sell, it would be a good way to promote Pimax.


A vote for barcelona.
Un voto por Barcelona


While I appreciate the sentiment, I don’t think the people in Spain corner the market on people who want “thoroughness of their tests and their openness”. All one needs to do is read this forum to appreciate that. I mean no disrespect, when I say that and certainly if Pimax sees fit to consider geography in how they distribute testing units then who am I to tell them otherwise.
If Pimax wishes to use a geographic formula for dispensing test units, I would point to Canada as the origins of things like broadband, fly by wire aircraft, space technology, most of the software Hollywood uses for special effects, the telephone, etc. etc. as reason to consider us in such a process.
That said, I hope you get one and many others in communities of different cultures and languages that represent this international community. We have seen how difficult communications can be with just one language barrier Chinese to English, so I can imagine therer are other backer countries just as confused at times with the dialogue.
buena suerte


We do not pretend to be the cleanest, we only propose a way to make dirty play almost impossible.

We can only do our part.



Ah well see @Pumcy being a backer is part of North America Tech review site. @benz145 while not sure if he is a backer; i believe is also North America as well. And of course we have @SweViver. So we at least have spanish & english covered. :beers::wink::+1::sparkles:


Thank you very much for your trust in me guys, I highly appreciate it! I have spoken to Xunshu already and confirmed Im in the test group, I promise I won’t let you down. Im just as curious about 8K as you are, and as soon as the 8K arrives there will be daily 8K videos, review, testing loads of different games & apps and much more. And also live streams so you can choose what to try and ask questions of course :slight_smile:

Also, if any swedish/local fellas here would like to see and try it in action, Im more than happy to invite you for a session!

Pimax Breakfast Club Being Formed

We are lucky that we could move the headset quickly and reliably throughout the country, which allows us to analyze it and show it to a good number of backers from different areas in a short time. This is possible because we have a more inclusive than exclusive approach, since we do not do it for profit.

I wish we could do something similar in other areas of America, Europe, etc. The more headsets examined, the better.


I think the Chinese are already covered, as well. One thing about getting involved in this project is that, I find myself gaining more and more appreciation for just how alike we all are when it comes to the love of fun and entertainment. The world is truly a better (and safer) place when we can all play together.


I personally much prefer cdaked over SweViver. Although SweViver seems like a really nice guy it also seems he’s way too much in love with Pimax to give a good CRITICAL look at the HMD. I’d much prefer to send it over to Ben from RoadToVR, they’ve proven to be very knowledgable AND be very critical. I think that serves much more than a review from somebody who’s already really in love with the product. Cdaked would be a nice choice too, he seems quite critical.

Just my opinion.


Thank you very much!

I have to say that I have been following @SweViver for a long time and I think he makes very complete analysis; Yes, it’s true that I was also surprised how excited he is with the Pimax 8K, but… hey, I have not seen it yet and he has. The partner who became a backer also did it as soon as he tried the v3, which, in turn, caused me to do it too.

I think we are all pretty passionate people; While everyone is analyzing things optimistically, but critically, there is no problem.


I personally felt, in his previous review that he let his excitement get in the way too much. I prefer a more neutral view, I want to know the good AND the bad. But I hope he’s going to prove me wrong :slight_smile:


Just havr to remember sj. Like you & I at times contrast & variety is good. :beers::wink::+1:


Although, we may see Pimax take M1 out for a spin on the demo circuit, where Sweviver and Sebastion have offered their impressions before, I think we all wish to see a serious amount of testing that will put the performance specs and numbers on the record across a broad spectrum of demanding VR software. I personally don’t care who the testers are or where they reside, as long as that criteria in the mix. If Sweiviver and Ang can offer that amount of analysis, then they are fine with me. As are any others who offer the same amount of testing competence. If any of them was to show a bias based on being backers, I am sure there feet will be held to the fire. There are a lot of people here that are willing to tell the Emperor he naked.