Pimax 8K complete and reliable analysis from backers to backers


Well there are 2 possible reasons why Pimax might want user reviews. The first is marketing. In that case I personally don’t mind who reviews it, this doesn’t interest me. But the other possible reason I find much more interesting, is input from users as to how to improve the product. In that case I don’t want a ‘hallelujah’ review but a review that really spots the weaknesses so that Pimax can at least try to improve them. One thing for example that might be interesting is to get feedback from people with higher/lower than average IPD, to hear how they think the IPD adjustment suits their needs. Same with ergonomics, I think it would be interesting to select a few users based on different facial traits (if for example caucasian, black and asian people all feel the ergonomics are good, then that means something. I imagine Pimax is currently mainly just testing Asians, which resulted in the Pimax 4k, which ergonomics arent very suitable for caucasians)


I’m afraid PIMAX will have a different story by then !!

Good luck…


I work with quite a few Chinese here in Canada, so I am not sure what the ergonomics suitability means.


Our analysis will be in depth and on each aspect of both hardware and software, if that is what you are looking for, do not worry, we are the right ones.


What did I say that makes you think I am worried?


Well an example is that the Pimax 4k might be fine for asian faces, for western faces it’s not so good, quite a few people’s noses press against the HMD making it feel very uncomfortable. The Deepoon E3 is even way worse, not sure how that works for Asians but for me it’s really a torture device to put it on. I read that HTC for example has done extensive ergonomic studies with experts and professionals to get to an optimum for their Vive PRO. I’m sure Pimax doesn’t have that kind of money to do that, but a comparison among different users might give them very valuable input.


Well that’s interesting. I was under the impression that Asians, like everyone else had a variety of people with different sized and shaped heads. That’s my experience.I guess you’re gonna rule out Gordon Chan then. There seemed to be a lot of Caucasians trying out the 8K in the videos and not much concern for what you propose.


I’ll be more than happy to accept that much appreciated invitation. :coffee:


No, I just wanted to assure you that we would make a series of very complete analysis.


You learn something everyday I guess. There really are some (facial) differences between races. You could look around you, or simply google it, enough info to be found regarding the subject.


That cool and I appreciate the thought, thanks. I can assure you, I am not one of those that worries. Unlike some in the forum, I came in with my eyes wide open. We all look forward to meaningful testing and if you are one of those, I will be pleased to here your finding.


No way! RoadToVR are completely vive ass kissers.

I vote sweviver hands down

I do not want another fake review from roadtovr


I guess you know we’re not from Road To VR.


Yes, I know. I am replying to who mentioned roadtovr. So bizarre they brought roadtovr up when it was about your offer to test the unit.

I appreciate your offer.

Saying that, I believe that the best test is the one that each single one of us will be giving , when getting the units in our hands , to try.

What is going to change to me when others would review a test unit of the pimax 8k that might be different than what I will get from pimax later on?

I think the feedback should be good for pimax as direct feedback. Why should I know what is right or wrong about a test unit that exists to be tested and to give help to pimax to develop a better final product?


Ah, just to be sure. :wink:


Sure u get my support. But I hope your report would be a report that would directly help the developing of the final unit from pimax. My feeling is that your reviews could be even shared only with pimax. That would help really pimax. If reviews instead are done to pimp an Oculus or a vive (final products) over a pimax prototype you would get from pimax to test, that to me would not sound right at all


Tests and reviews of a pimax 8k prototype from beta testers should be meant to help pimax to develop a better final product, not to put crap on a prototype in comparison to retail products , for the benefit of retail products


They will be useful for Pimax as feedback and, among other things, to give them visibility, but also to inform all the backers.

Our initial intention would not be to sink the company that is making us the headsets, at least until they finish them.


Allright I’ll bite: “Fake review” ? Other than you obviously not liking the result, what was ‘fake’ about it? Most points they brought up were confirmed by others. Everything they mentioned was easily verifiable. They demonstrated they knew what they’re talking about. I take that any day over Sweviver’s review. He only demonstrated that he LOVES the headset, without mentioning any downside at all. What good does that do to potential users? It’s nice marketing material, sure, but that’s not what users are interested in.



What sweviver tested was a different prototype from what was at that 2018 expo.

You too have the “ability” to compare different things , acting like they are the same and even comparing them with final products , final products presented in other articles as “groundbreaking” in vr

That is the fake I am talking about