Pimax 8K complete and reliable analysis from backers to backers


I’m not following you. RoadToVr reviewed V5, what was fake about that ? Sure, SweViver reviewed a previous version but even that wasn’t perfect (which even Pimax confirms). His review was by far the most positive I’ve read. Usuallly the truth is somewhere in the middle and I found it weird that he could basically not find any downsides where others did mention them. Don’t get me wrong, I’m 100% confident Pimax doesn’t pay him and by no means want to imply anything like that. But I do think his enthousiasm got in the way of an objective review.


No. The truth is not in the middle. They reviewed 2 different things.

And Yes, it is fake to present a review of a prototype, to pimp final products .


If you don’t read what a write then discussion becomes a bit difficult. I nowhere claimed they reviewed the same version. Sweviver reviewed V2 or V3 ages ago. I asked you what was fake about the RoadToVR review.


And I replied to u what is fake about it. Re read


Sorry your post dont make any sense. I read them several times. " it is fake to present a review of a prototype, to pimp final products ." ??? What does that even mean ? And “You too have the “ability” to compare different things , acting like they are the same and even comparing them with final products , final products presented in other articles as “groundbreaking” in vr. That is the fake I am talking about”

All this makes no sense to me. You are angry that they reviewed a prototype?


What does not make sense is you.

I have been explaining for days What the problem is .

Where have you been all this time?

Fact is that you are bias, same as the articles about the pimax prototype from who has interests in that the vive pro sell


Yet you can’t really make a point about it or describe it in a few sentences. Ok well I know enough then.


personal attack removed. Please refrain from doing that on this forum. Thanks.


Please stop making personal attacks or we’ll have to ban you. We don’t like to do that here. Thanks.



@PimaxVR who is running your forum?


I’d prefer if this were to be done in a language other than English that a competent translator is used to effectively communicate written technical findings.

It hurts my eyes to see the word analyzes as used in the heading (and to read heavily google translated sections of broken English).

P.S. English is my second language.


I have a suggestion to genuine people here that actually care that pimax succeed and not care that pimax fail for the interests of competitors

Use the search function to search the list of posts posted by a specific user in the forum.

You can clearly see what overall and continuosly a font said against pimax. That might give you and idea if they are bias or not


Marco while moderation has been very relaxed. Posting insults does warrant moderation.

Personal attacks solve nothing. We all at times need to step away & recuperate.


Do attacks to pimax 8k warrant moderation too?


If you take the time to research sj here in the forums you would know that sj likes his PiMax 4k headset over vive/oculus & others that he purchased. & how often he has helped other members getting things working with their pimax 4k headsets.

I have been interacting with him now for over 1 year.


If u check the link above with his posts , there are repeatedly posts against the 8k. You know, people change …


I am discontinuing this conversation as its off @Cdaked topic. I ask you to do the same.

@Cdaked if needed will remove these off topic posts.


@MarcoBalletta Everyone has some form of bias in some form or another. As Helio as indicated, Sjef has been around for a while (and is also a moderator around here). He has his own opinions on the range of HMDs provided by Pimax.

We are all entitled to have an opinion about the product, which is why a forum exists in the first place. The point is to be able to debate our (biased) viewpoints. Sometimes those viewpoints might help sway the opinion of others. Most times it won’t. That being said, we also need to be open to shift our own viewpoints if the opposing viewpoints make sense.

It is up to Pimax to decide what actions and paths they take based on their own viewpoints as well as the combined viewpoint of those on the forum and other media.


Look mate, I don’t want to continue this offtopic discussion, so this will be my last post to you in that regard. Like @heliosurge posted out I really love my Pimax 4k even with all its shortcomings I still think it’s the best HMD money can buy. If you search the forum you can see I even developed several pieces of software for it/did custom firmware mods to help the community. I do get angry at times at Pimax for choices they make. Not because I hate Pimax, quite the contrary, I feel they just could achieve so much more if they did some things a little different. I want the Pimax 8k to succeed probably more than most here on this forum. If you’re angry at your child because it made a stupid decision in life, do you hate it? Of course not, quite the contrary. THAT is how I feel. If I hated pimax I wouldn’t be here. Do you see me posting on the Oculus forum? :slight_smile:

I just reacted to your post because you came of very aggressive in your opinion towards RoadToVR. Which in itself I don’t even mind, but you do need to use arguments to formulate why you’re angry and so far you haven’t done that at all, you just started launching personal attacks instead. Formulate arguments, ditch the personal attacks, then we can have a discussion about it, just like adults. Thanks for understanding.