Pimax 8K complete and reliable analysis from backers to backers


I guess pimax is fine with having on purpose attacks on their prototype 8k on their forum and bias media.

So strange.

Are the people from the pimax , the founder of pimax, aware of this odd situation on their forum?


Look around?. Read what I said. I have worked with and partnered with many from China and Asia over the years (as I indicated). I never said there aren’t differences. I only maintain there are also differences within the Chinese population (they don’t all look alike aye-look around) and some of them are of sufficient difference (“variety of different people” ) to act as surrogates for Caucasians when designing a headset for an international community and considering it’s need to be highly adjustable. If they didn’t consider that when they designed the 4K, well I can’t speak to that. I only say that they could have done it locally, if they considered it. Since their 8k feedback is coming from international tours, I think they are better aware of the market this time around.


How about we give RoadtoVR one, @SweViver one and of course @Cdaked and also @sjefdeklerk one (for testing, which they could send back after a week, or keep if they are happy) ? Then everbody is happy and we have a wide spectrum of reviews from different cultures, technical background and get a really good impression of the HMD in its nearly finished form ?


I really don’t care who get’s one , just get some test units out to some users to test.


Strange you mention fitting the Pimax 4K is better for Asian Faces,I have a small nose could even be compared to Asian,but by God it’s torture on the old conk after a while,have to shove some tissue up there even loosened the straps as I usually have them tight still feels like the bridge of my nose has a tonne weight on it. :pensive:


And now see how Asian noses in general have a less pronounced bridge and imagine how it therefor most feel for western people with a slightly more pronounced nose bridge. That was my point. Pimax obviously didn’t have western noses in mind when they designed the 4k. And the Deepoon E3 (also chinese) is even less suitable for western people. It does seem Pimax this time had also western people in mind. But I’m just saying, if they’re going to have a small group of people test it and want to (also) evaluate ergonomics, it’s a good idea to also have different ethnic races evaluate. I figure that’s the main reason for the small test anyway: to discover problems before moving onto the mass production process.

Ok so your point is that Pimax, instead of simply have different ethnic races evaluate, should search for Chinese people who have western type of faces to find out how western people would experience the headset? That seems overcomplicating it while hoping your even have found the right western characteristics. I don’t see any advantage here at all? Why not have different ethnic races simply try it if you want to evaluate how the ergonomics are for different ethnic races? @dogbite


@MarcoBalletta, i have read all the @sjefdeklerk posts, and don’t see nothing but concern about the issues confirmed by Pimax and that he prefers a more neutral and analytical review to improve the headset.

That is far from be an attack to Pimax. In any case, i don’t think that he desserves to be banned or insulted.

Calm down, we are in the same boat.

@Heliosurge, feel free to clean the thread, thanks.


Maybe they could get Jackie Chan,his nose is huge very pronounced google some pics first thing they do is accentuate his nose,obviously joking here but that would be the ultimate Asian/Western test :smirk:


Will do. May need to wait til i am off work. So thanks for your patience.

With that being said folks lets get this topic back on track as per cdaked’s request.


@Cdaked , so strange u do not see any problem with it.

Said that, I am not so 100% sure u guys would give a fair review of the 8k.

@Pimax-Support I do not vote for giving @Cdaked a prototype to test . I am not sure if the goal would be giving u a proper feedback , but it might be else.

@Pimax-Support I vote for Sweviver to get a prototype to test and give you feedback

@Heliosurge I do not think this should be removed. If u do remove it, I would keep writing this until u ban me:

" I hope your report would be a report that would directly help the developing of the final unit from pimax. My feeling is that your reviews could be even shared only with pimax. That would help really pimax. If reviews instead are done to pimp an Oculus or a vive (final products) over a pimax prototype you would get from pimax to test, that to me would not sound right at all

Tests and reviews of a pimax 8k prototype from beta testers should be meant to help pimax to develop a better final product, not to put crap on a prototype in comparison to retail products , for the benefit of retail products"

@Pimax-Support I am not sure how your forum is run, but are you sure your forum is run in your best interest for a fair treatment of your prototype/new vr headset developing?


The things that I have to read from someone. Ohhh my god.


Where did I say “instead of”? Where did I say what they “should do”, I said “could have”. I did not rule out other possibilities that may or may not have been advantageous for them at any given time… Nor did I rule out an entire population of billions based on a blanket statement of ergonomics. I only proposed what was possible, not preferable or convenient. Since you seem to want to put your words in my mouth, I will withdraw so you can continue your argument with yourself.


It’s quite embarrassing to say the least.


Nobody will remove your opinion here as long as you don’t go on a personal attack spree. Having said that, threatening a moderator like you just did to do/not do things that would be for me personally be the point I’d start considering banning someone. The final banhammer is in @heliosurge’s hands though, he’s very relaxed with it, so far he hasn’t even banned a single person from this forum which I think is a great job, I personally feel banning someone in general is a sign of weakness. But please, stop doing things like this. Nobody here is trying to have you or anyone else shut up at all, you’re free to speech as long as you keep it polite.

Having said that, I think it is time that we should get this thread back on topic and delete the posts after your last request to stay on topic, what do you think @Heliosurge ? Or at least after this one. On topic again please people.



Do you have moderators that are actually part of your pimax team ?

Who are the moderators in your forum ?


I do not have anything else to say to u. It is a waste of my time and your goal is to have me banned. So so long , font.

fine with me being banned.
An 8k Backer that gets banned for defending the 8k developing and that complaint about the unfair treatment of the product he backed,
Priceless ! :- D
It proves the point I am making about the forum ,the 8k etc

i saved the whole thread. So go ahead. Delete everything


Hi, this is my first message.

I’m Neoskynet, a Spanish backer (full 8K pack including 4 lighthouses to make a very big room scale), tester and reviewer mentioned on first message from @Cdaked.

I was a Pimax 4K owner, and I know very well what I’m saying. Defective lenses (very unfocused image), bad screen (terrible blur and ghosting), bad warranty (China is too far and sending is very expensive), two times bricked (boot loader from motherboard inside Pimax 4K don’t worked and all image was black but at the end miraculously they solved remotely), very bad software (every PiPlay upgrade was worst during one year), and dead pixels in screen from my colleage with negative answers from Pimax support to change the screen.

But I’m a believer that Pimax, with our help and feedback, could do a good Pimax 8K device. But this is not possible if Pimax team are alone and closed in a room. This is why I’m writing and colaborating here.

What I / we could do with a Pimax 8K M1 prototipe?:

  1. VR.
    I have Oculus Rift CV1 and I could compare with them. I write reviews for spanish VR webs and forums.
    I could say my review will be very honest, critical and demanding about Pimax 8K.

  2. 3D Films.
    I have a 3D projector and 150" screen. I write reviews for spanish home cinema webs and forums.
    There are a lot of people (more that you think) waiting a good VR device to see 3d films, and Pimax 8K could be “the one”. They need a good review with a projector comparison.

  3. Feedback to Pimax development team.
    Reviews are not sufficient. The feedback is the most important part for all us. If we don’t do a excellent feedback to Pimax development team, there are a lot of posibilities that in few month we will have a “VR garbage” with a lot of irresolvable hardware problems. If M1 prototipe is not good, we want a M2, and if M2 is not good, an M3, before masive production and final product. We could wait few months more, but we want a very good Pimax 8K and without problems.

Remember my words based in my own experience with Pimax 4K. A lot of horror stories are waiting us if Pimax send us a “VR garbage”.

We need to send a very good feedback to Pimax development team, to get the best VR device to start the “Second VR Generation” (not the 1.5 generation like Vive Pro). Trust me, do feedback is our maximum priority, much more essential than marketing reviews.


Pimax should send the rest of the tester not only the 3 units from Germany

Hi Neo

Sorry to hear of your experiences that were less than ideal(for lack of a better way).

I will post more later when i have time. Bricked headsets usually do to interupted or failed firmware updates have happened on occasion & usually able to have it reset a couple of ways.

But on Blank screen if your an amd gpu user i had that issue just recently; the cause in that case was the amd gpu driver was broken with Pimax… The current driver (if i am upto date still) corrected the issue.


This topic seems pretty pointless. Pimax has already stated they will have a closed test group for their production models. You could be patient and apply to partake when they open applications (provided they are even sourcing the group from the forum community). This thread looks like nothing more than a shameless bid out of self interest.

Having seen that they personally flew out to put prototypes in the hands of people like Linus Sebastian for review purposes Pimax has shown they are perfectly capable of selecting neutral reviewers to provide honest feedback.


If you read the first lines of the post, you will see that pimax was going to fly to Barcelona where people from this group were going to check v2, Pimax did not go to Barcelona because of the political instability.

I do not think there’s any personal interest as you say.