Pimax 8K complete and reliable analysis from backers to backers


@xunshu, @matthew.xu and @bacon, please, read my previous message and the first message from @Cdaked.

Don’t ignore us.



Jag kommer gärna och kollar när det är läge :sunny:
Själv har jag skrivit upp mig för en 8K + full package. Och jag är Stockholmsbaserad.

Sitter här och håller tummarna hela dagarna.


Anyone else who thinks it’s rude to post in another language and not translate for everyone else:

“I’ll be happy to see when it’s location: sunny:
I have written myself for an 8K + full package. And I’m Stockholm based.

Sit here and hold your thumbs all day long.”

Stay classy.

någon annan tycker att det är oförskämt att inte minst översätta till engelska på ett engelsktalande forum?

håll dig snygg.


@xunshu, @matthew.xu , @Pimax-Support, I find @Cdaked and his teammates at his website really capable of making a complete and neutral review of the pimax 8k.

He has been really involved in the forums since day 1 when KS ended. His website is all about VR and they have a very good overview of the whole VR market.

I believe 100% they would do everything to give Pimax the best and more constructive feeback to improve the headset and help Pimax make of it what it is meant to be… nothing but the best VR headset out there.Way ahead of a competition that looks like only trying to enlarge benefits more than moving forward in this exciting and new VR industry.

Anyone that gets the M1 to test , i agree he should first look out for Pimax.With the only main purpose to improve the headset.All other considerations like marketing advertising should be taken carefully since this is not a final product.

…srry for any mistake with my english :slight_smile:


Thanks, mate! The members of Real o Virtual will like to hear it. It’s not “my” web, it’s Juanlo’s, I’m just an enthusiast who helps from time to time if I can. :wink: