Pimax 8K - Displayport - Question/options on adapters for use on a Alienware 15R3


my 8k just arrived…I see it has a displayport…I have a 2080Ti so all is good…BUT
I also have an Alienware 15 with 1080 card…HDMI, USB-C & a Mini display port…
Has anyone got the 8K to work with the Laptop or know of a suitable adapter so i can use the mini display?
I also have the latest USB-C port but i presume Displayport to USB-C is not the way?
I have found this… Dell Adapter - Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort…



Mini dp to reg dp should work just be sure it dp 1.4

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backer…in the 4k number range…Est coast.


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@SweViver tested a cheap mini-dp to dp adapter in his review (link to specific part about the adapter):


Bought cheapest on Amazon mini DP to DP, works well with my Clevo.


ordered these will report back…

Cable Matters Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort Adapter (Mini DP to DP) in Black - 4K Resolution Ready - Thunderbolt | Thunderbolt 2 Port Compatible

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Cable Matters DisplayPort to Mini DisplayPort Adapter (DP to Mini DP) - 6 Inches

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