Pimax 8K for sale: 700 euro?


Is this a link to a legit sales outlet?


Gearbest is selling the 8k?!
Pimax 8K ready to ship between june 25-28 at gearbest?

Yea that price… I’m guessing it could be this without the controllers and base stations


So M1 turned into final version?


Nah, Gearbest is just testing the waters and creating google links from the 8K to their site


This is ‘legit’ shop that has set the price 1.5 years ago as a pre-order.
You can try to get a good deal there, but their support is not that great.


“_Ship between: Jun 25 - Jun 2_8” Hmm that’s odd, why would they say that? I bought on gearbest before, I don’t think they’re scammers.

Would be something if you could buy it on gearbest before the backers even received it


I bought my Pimax 4K at Gearbest. Quick delivery, good shop.


Hahaha. If I buy now, I will have 8K sooner than all the backers. :stuck_out_tongue:
(ok. not funny…) :innocent:

I’ll show myself out…


LOL. It’s weird though, I don’t think Gearbest would make this up. Pimax must have given them some deadline. Maybe they did so months ago and forgot to update Gearbest about the situation. @xunshu


Yeah it’s odd for sure. They have bern advertising the 8k on there since jan 2017 though. Bit usually as an incoming item.

Personally I don’t like Gearbest; they are quite the hassle to have issues resolved. I bought my 4k from them & thankfully had no issues.

However ordered a 3d printer from them. They said it wasn’t charged properly for shipping. But had charged me a premium price. I ended up canceling the order only to find out they part shipped the rest of my order charging me more than the rest of the items cost & even screwed up delivery. Yet my 2 previous orders were fine.

I gave up fighting with them due to their setup is designed to make conflict resolution very difficult.




What is this?

Please have some anwser. I’m not even asking for ‘the’ answer. Just ‘some’ answer.

What is Gearbest doing?


Gearbest does things like this often. The 8k as pictured is outdated & been on advertised there since early 2017 long before the kickstarter.

Best place to get info on pre order is a link on kickstarter & pimax page to “keep me unformed of pre order”


So, it this maybe the ‘business version’ that @xunshu talked about then? Or is it simply an error?


Can’t be unless the consumer versions won’t be the color of what we’ve been observing all this time.


I’m finding it hard to trust GB.
I recently bought a drone from them advertised a having 34 in stock and after a week of no shipping advise I contacted them and they said that there was no stock before mid July, however they took the money out of my account straight away.
Looking at their web site again, it still stated that there are 30+ in stock.

I asked them to explain this and the reply was that the stock number is only an indication and not necessarily correct.

So, nit very happy and not confident when it will be shipped.

I bought my Pimax4K from GB without any issues so makes it hard to trust them now.


I had a similar experience. 4k no problem. Dx.com is a much better online shop & free shipping.


browses the FAQ for the item.
What are the recommended computer requirements to run pimax 8k
By Travis Mar-04/2017 22:02:46

Hello Travis,

There is no special demand for the computer.

Noraml computer is compatible with this item.

Thanks for your interest.

Are controllers and tracking compatible with HTC Vive?
By serp Jan-18/2017 21:59:15

Hello Customer,

When you use it you don’t need to connect to the computer.

I’m going to take an educated guess and say this website is full of shit.


That part was also a bit doubtful for me. Though they could have taken 4K reviews and pasted them there.