Pimax 8k left LCD is off



When used well, the left LCD suddenly turns off and only the right LCD turns on. There was no external shock and it occurred during normal use.


Have you submitted a support ticket?


Also can you post system setup specs?
Windows ver
Gpu & Driver version
Pitool version.

Have you checked display cable on hmd side as might have come loose.


win 10
gtx1070ti 436.02

i7-8700k 16g


Is that the latest Nvidia driver? Probably not the issue but some have reported performance issues.

Have you tried unplugging cable from hmd & re insertting cable?


I re-installed the cable, please explain how to make an AS request.


Try the support link in this post.


http://helpdesk.pimaxvr.com/Do I need a new account to register here?


Support & forum accounts are seperate systems.


On my 5K+ I’ve had one or the other LCD screens turn off sometimes (never while playing, though, just on starting up). Rebooting the HMD a few times or turning it on and off brings it back. I think this is probably a software (firmware or driver issue) rather than a hardware problem.


Is not continuously turned on


Hi @yong,

Did you submit a ticket? Please send the ticket number, I will let our technical personnel help you. Thank you.



17804 I received a remote action but it didn’t work out and I need to replace my headset.


The customer service team has replied to you, please check the email. Thank you.



My tech support colleague has confirmed that your headset needs to be replaced.

Are you live in the Republic of Korea?

Looking forward to hearing from you.


I received the mail but there is no reply


I am sorry for the inconvenience.

The customer service personnel will contact you later.



I will be waiting


17804 I have no contact, how long do I have to wait? I want to act quickly.


I have reply you in the helpdesk, and I’ll be there to deal with your RMA. Thank you.

I will closed this topic, thank you.

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