Pimax 8K m2 through the lens 4k recording


It not my video, its Vr Maniac, its now up in 4K, looks OK to me, don’t see any SDE, :slight_smile:
The Screen refresh flickering is the cam not the screen.


Pimax 8K vs Samsung Odyssey :slight_smile:
Just made a photo through a lens in Odyssey.


Ummmm that’s a massive SDE improvement. Better color and contrast too. @SweViver is this a good comparison?

@neal_white_iii will be fizzing at the bung over text readability


Oh Samsung has been PWNED!


i dont see better color here, higher contrast meybe… I see even lower colour palette


Ok I see what you mean. SDE is greatly reduced though. Pros an cons


i think we are maybe seeing a difference in default display colour temperature here, the reds definitely have more punch to them, but there is also a warmer cast to background. have to consider differences in devices taking shots too. this kind of comparison can only really be done by testers atm.

edit, the difference in SDE is wild though


Samsung is pentile though.


What do you mean by that ?
Since when is that a good thing ?


can you elaborate, not knowledgeable on pixel arrangements and their impact, like do you mean on sde, on colour…

also i am constantly misreading your name as joe rogan , and thats my mental image of you.


beside I already know that thouse panels are really bad when it comes to colour reproduction… but meybe backers not get used to vive will not even notice…Personally It bothers me a lot.


The video has fully uploaded in 4k now, much better.


Another shot is compared with the screenshots from the video :slight_smile:


Haha well that was a litte exagerration I would say… :wink:


what does this meannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn


No one else noticed the deformation or curve. ?

I guess I should go straight. :thinking:


Is that the famous edge distortion ?


I got the odyssey and that looks like some improvements when I get up close to the text on your pictures - at least as far as a shot from a video can get in showing what it is live.


Yes, the pictures were slightly enlarged to recognize the effect difference.

Here’s another couple of comparisons :slight_smile:


so much sharper the 8K :smile: