Pimax 8K m2 through the lens 4k recording


@SweViver how accurate are those images now?


I expect a comparison and video of this style. With Pimax versions.

No production cuts. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Not really accurate as u cant even see the SDE on the left side. Remember none of these headsets are SDE free. Far from that…

I would say those left images are hiding SDE which is only seen in some edges where the focus managed to catch it


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Don’t reference the SDE by “through the lens” video if not “zoom” the camera.

The sde of samsung should be like this.

But it is okay if we want to compare the color and other.


Chromatic aberration can be fixed in software, but at a performance cost. The lens-matched shader needs to be run 3 times, for red, green, and blue.

Here’s info on lens-matched shading, for those who haven’t heard of it… https://www.roadtovr.com/nvidia-explains-pascal-simultaneous-multi-projection-lens-matched-shading-for-vr/


I had the Pimax 4K and it was almost no SDE, the same should be with the 8K


nod, but would you say from that video that they are not using it or that they are but its reliant on correct idp, eye placement. i said before but i cant believe no one would have mentioned that level of it after berlin.


Poor video quality, compression or blurring of the recording camera (focus) can conceal the SDE. At minute 2:08 you can see a little bit of sde in the pimax video.


It’s a bad thing. It means more screen door effect than if it was a full RGB display even though they both may have the same resoultion. Pentile basically cheats on how each pixel is decreasing the usage of some of the pixel parts.
Pentile is on the right:

So essentially in full RGB stripe each pixel has their own red, green and blue subpixel, whilst in pentile they got to share some.


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Samsung Odyssey


I agree though I assume that might be due to angle of the camera? I think the aberration is much more distracting than the distortion. As a glasses wearer, I really do think you will not notice the distortion at all without looking for it just like I tune out my frames.


Have you perfected the art of taking photo’s of LCD panels?

From googling around it seems a right pain to get an SLR working to WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get)


That´s possible with a n8 nokia smartphone from 2011 (through lens elitedangerous deepoon e2 HMD)


There is a slight ghosting effect on the Pimax images, compared to the Samsung, but nothing to worry about in any case…I was expecting it for a non-oled panel…


WOWWWWW. Are these Samsung through the Lens pics yours or did you photoshop to mimic how it looks through the Samsung Odessy?


Its a pain yeah lol…

Holy sh… thats impressive!


Yes, this is exactly Samsung Odyseey, pictures through the lens (camera phone).
I downloaded the video “LG 4K 3D Demo: Fantasy World” in 4K quality and played it in Odyssey via SimpleVR Player, 200% supersampling :slight_smile:

I’m really looking forward to Pimax 8K, spending the days of waiting with Odysseus.
He provides immersion, but I do not see a strong difference with the rift CV1 in terms of the effect of SDE.

Odyssey still has a narrow sweetspot, visible Fresnel circles, which even interfere sometimes. You need to aim strictly at the center, a little higher or lower - and the picture is unclear etc


Fortunately there is no need to actually render the scene for each refractive index – the shaders that need to be run three times are not the lens-matched ones (which helps the game engine not waste cycles on parts of the image that, due to the abberations of the lens, do not benefit from them), but those belonging to the barrel distortion step, which is done on the completed rendered intermediate image from the game. The day we finally go start-to-finish raytracing, we may correct for the lens before rendering, but not quite yet (although there was in fact one guy who made a raytracing demo that did just that, back for the Rift DK1 :slight_smile: )

Hopefully the chromatic abberations we see above are just a manifestation of the camera being way out of the sweet spot. :7