Pimax 8K m2 through the lens 4k recording


hope we get a 8k vs 5k+ comparison in 2days :innocent:


Did he remove the video? Not working here.


I can’t access the video either, but it worked in the past. It wouldn’t surprise me if it was taken down for copyright reasons, since it was an LG video.


Video 4K is here: https://dropmefiles.com/UZArf :movie_camera: :ok_hand:


It’s out of focus though. There hasn’t been one video with the camera at eye distance that is focused on the pixels. People just wanna see how small the little guys are compared to where their eyes will be.


Its extremely difficult to capture a good video through lens and needs a very good camera. Images are much better for this.


That video was taken down, but there is another one up now, don’t think it as good as the first one but i think you can see pixel more.

Edit, No take that back it looks ok, just more flicker.



I do not know why, but the video quality is much worse, it looks like 480p. I could not catch a normal frame.
Therefore, I did not even continue to make a comparison further … This is impossible.
The first video looks much better.

Maybe FOV was changed?
Or is it even Pimax 5K …

So here the comparison clearly does not work with this video. Quality simply does not allow :confused:




The lower video quality is probably due to the flicker, which is encoded into the video. All that color changing is eating up the bitrate, leaving relatively few bits to encode the actual image. The flicker is due to a mismatch between the camera’s framerate and the headset’s framerate. Some cameras can adjust their framerate to match the source. This video feature is called genlock.