Pimax 8k official measuraments of the outher case



Hi guys , have you seen around any official measuraments of the external pimax 8k headset ?

A vr glove 's vendor would like to 3d print for me an adapter for me (and for any pimax 's owner that would use their gloves) to be able to mount their vr gloves 's sensor on my headset .

They need to know also the angle of the bent on the tip of the 8k visor and in general any other measurament of the external case of the headset .

Any help please ?



Added pimaxusa as he might have some answers to this detail.

A plate that uses the Hand module screw mounts might be an idea


Thanks! It would be for mounting this sens


To speed things up you could use graph paper & mark the angled front on paper with tip contacting straight line. Move headset on tip of the angle until equal number of squares to each side. (So each side of point creates 2 identical right angle triangles)


Sorry I lost you :frowning:


This is what I mean at least to get front angle


Oh. Thank you! So use a pencil and mark that and then measure it


@PimaxUSA @xunshu @Dallas.Hao @PimaxVR

Xunshu wanted to discuss with the team VERY LONG time ago if they could provide us an accurate 3d file of the headset, and she found that a good idea. But they were very busy with arranging backers shippings at that time. I think now this shouldn’t be an issue anymore and therefore I kindly ask again Pimax to send us this file. Thx in advance!


Yes. Now if they wanted to make the bracket use the hand tracking module screw mounts. You could pencil that on as the 90° spots. If I start feeling better will see if I can create a real drawing. Gor me one of those Canadian colds. :cold_sweat:


I truly hope they @PimaxUSA @xunshu @Dallas.Hao @PimaxVR will get back to you with that as soon as their holiday ends!


Thank you and sorry for your cold


Thanks the downsides of being a canuck. :laughing:


We create this Protective Case 3D Files for creators to download and edit.



Thank you so so so much! I truly appreciate that !


@vorinami Hi! Have you guys come up with an adapter for the pimax for your gloves ?



Hi Marco! What gloves are you thinking of? I don’t have any vr gloves, actually :eyes:


Sorry! I thought you were the maker of the vrfree gloves


Unfortunatelly not, but I wish I were!:wink: