Pimax 8k or pimax 5k+ for car simulation?


Hello everyone
I made a pre-order early December of a Pimax 5k+.
despite my research on this forum, I remain uncertain about my choice. I PLAY ESSENTIALLY AT THE CAR SIMULATION GAMES: Euro truck simulator 2 , raceroom , project cars 2.
My fear concerning the Pimax 5k+:

Problem of black and fade color
Black pixel
quality of the visual in the distance

I understood that according to the people the visions can be differrente ,I need to see the speedometers correctly ( euro truck simulator 2 )

Is someone who has tried both pimax on the games mentioned could light?
Desolate for my english (translator)



I’d also like to know how the quality of objects in the distance is compared to Rift/Vive. Sold my Rift because of the low object quality in games like project cars and DCS.


According to a French 8k is better for distance far less square, more blurred making it more realistic to look for what is far away , in english : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQ7d5rbKhjM

I own a htc vive I think I understand you lol.
I hope someone leads us to an interresting link that includes our car simulation concerns


What the far view? When you’re really in the race, you’re concentrating on the track anyway. My choice for SimRacing remains at the 5k +


I understand your point of view, but your look on the track does not stop at 5 meters in front of you. and find a distant image all deform geometrically is unpleasant on my htc. I saw on the forum that some people compare the 5k + to the htc live for the view from afar, very square … Do you have a 5k +? and that thinking about black and color and black pixel remarks is really disturbing for the simulation. thank you in advance


This is the only picture I found where you can see the quality of distant objects.
The car on the right side and the distant trees are looking much better, but still blurry. The 8K doesn’t look better.


I am 5k + Backer and the sharpness is important to me, therefore no 8k.