Pimax 8k production schedule and 90 hz


This is what can be defined as making healthy and intelligent argumentation.

To me it would have been already a winning product if they were just going made a dual panel from the 4K, less the myopic calibrated lens, since the 4K has still unsurpassed panel clarity, resolution and lowest SDE…and if Pimax is taking the necessary time to go way further with the 8K development, it could only mean a stellar product.

Well, wireless powersupply has been already implemented in labs (it was Nikola Tesla who invented it almost one century ago…sadly…) , maybe the time will come to that point to force companies reveal and implement it for VR and other applications ? :wink:


Agree more or less with Lillo:

My major wishes for the 8k are:

  • As less SDE as with the 4k
  • Larger FOV
  • Less smear/ghosting
  • Better frequency >60 Hz / 80 Hz; 90 Hz would be perfect
  • Better brightness and contrast customization (4k is still a little too dark even on brightest setting)
  • Good working positional tracking with one external lighthouse
  • Integrated microphone

Everything else is not important to me, especially the controllers. Yes, I do own some VR apps which would need them in order to work properly - or to work even at all. But as long as I can drive and race my sportcars and trucks with wheel and pedals, fly my spaceships with the joystick and Voice Attack or venture through foreign lands in the RPG’s with keyboard and mouse, everything is fine for me.

Of course, everybody has a different focus on and use for VR, for sure.
But that’s why I personally say:
Those, who are satisfied to get the HMD with one lighthouse only already now / asap, should get it. Those, who would need the controllers and the 2nd lighthouse right from the start, should get it, too, but perhaps, this might take them a little longer. I don’t know where the bottleneck in production is exactly.

Anyway, the 8k will come, and it will come still much earlier than any appropriate competitor’s HMD :slight_smile:


i think i can answer for 100% sde will be somewhat the same. surely not more improvement then 4k in this matter.

SO basically you will be getting a 4k with 180-200 FOV

No ghosting

and higher then 60 hz between 80-90hz

i c an not speak about the color/contrast/brightness since i’m a noob in terms of what panel they using

its also the reason why i backed the 8k, because its what the 4k had to be, but it still better in terms of specs then all concurrent HMD available 2018 and i expect 2019 too.

This week i broke my 4k :confused:

Guess what i bought again :smiley:

i could had the option to buy vive or oculus or one of the new MR/AR HMD for around the same price 400€
But i bought another 4k, SDE is very important for me. hope i can make it last till 8k comes out :smiley:

i think you will be happy with it , people who have 4k know what to expect…those who don’t…well i imagine they would be somehow impatient and not trusting…


I bought my 4k twice, too:

I made my first steps in VR with Oculus Rift DK2 in summer 2014. The experience was overwhelming on one side, on the other, especially the SDE was very very annoying. I sold it via ebay after one week.
Then, I tried the Rift CV1 in December 2016 again, and the result was far better than with DK2. Nevertheless, I still couldn’t get comfortable with the SDE. So, I brought it back to the vendor a couple of days later.
But… I got “addicted” :wink: And I discovered Pimax’ 4K…

So, I bought my first Pimax just a few days later and received it in January '17. I played with it for almost two months regularly, then, the first “addiction” passed away, and the HMD lay next to me for another three months without being used. So, I sold it via ebay, too.

Well, when the prices for the Rift went down in June/July '17, I gave it another try. But still, the result didn’t convince me. Now, especially, because the Rift’s “black” in Elite:Dangerous isn’t quite “black”, but almost “grey”… And not to talk about the SDE, once again… So I gave it back, again.

But I noticed that I wanted to play VR again. And so, I ordered a 2nd 4k which is still with me - and since two weeks, in frequent use, again :slight_smile:

For me, the 4k is the best VR-HMD at the moment, and that’s why I have so much expectations concerning the 8k. Rift and Vive might be good for other people who are able to ignore the SDE and the greyish black. But certainly not for me - I can ignore much better the slight smear and the lack of brightness :wink:
So far - I really expect the 8k to to it better :wink:


at the end of this week my new 4k will arrive :smiley:

I broke it while i tried to remove some dust on the screen ugh…didn’t know the screens are so fragile :smiley:

a 300$ mistake i won’t make again :smiley:

ye for me the 4k also is the best, its just the SDE that is very important for me, that all personal choice.
It is also the reason why i never bought a NINTENDO anymore after 1998 , can’t do well with the pixels… hahaha


Yeah, it’s strange that Oculus would avoid the best feature of OLEDs (probably because it reduces the “black smear” issue). One of the big things people complain about LCDs (no true black) isn’t really an issue, when compared to a Rift.