Pimax 8K Progress [Updated: Feb 6, 2018]


Honestly I’d say you’re right. I think they’re still very far from solving all the problems, just because it seems so much work and so little time. Pimax hasn’t been active on the forum, it almost seems they’ve had a long Chinese holiday. Let’s hope that’s not true and that they’ve been working super hard. However, the fact we now even have to push for an update after a month is a sign on the wall too I’m afraid … We’ll see though.


And the “x” version… I don’t want to think about it… Next year maybe… :fearful:


The natives are restless. It is March and vacation is well over. An update seems in order. Hoping…


Guys, cut them some slack here. The Spring Festival just ended on the 2nd of March.

I know people are all impatient and such, but they even said that their suppliers and import/export partners were also going to be closed for the holiday.

I am sure that an update will be forthcoming, give them a chance to get their bearings post-holiday.


I think they went back to work on February 26th.


Hi the team is back from vacation, but please allow us some time to sync up with our vendors and put up the progress update.


hope you all had great vacation. :slight_smile: look forward to any updates


Didn’t know they were even on vacation. Was this really a good time for that ?
We got a deadline and 5 thousand nervous investors…AND WE’RE GOING TO DISNEYLAND WOO


National holiday. Be no different than scrooge expecting you to work xmas day. Plus their suppliers off for the same holiday.


Well it seems PImax was closed 3 weeks which seems a little long. If I only had a few weeks to make some important changes I’d pay my employees double and keep on working instead of closing down the place and give them some extra free time later on (see what Elon Musk does with Tesla for example). I’m quite amazed actually that xunshu said they’d be sending out units to testers half march and then close down the place so long. Next week is half march already and it seems nothing really happened? Xunshu said that March was an extremely important month, with units being sent out to testers, roadshows and important milestones. And then they just close the place down for 3 weeks?


Please clarify the next update date of the following items at least. We are investors for you, not shop customers or volunteers. That is a kickstarter, there is no help for the delay. However, investors have the right to hear the reason and correspondence, I think.
HMD progress ( Hard and Soft )
Selection the testers and test schedule
Controllers progress
Lighthouse 2.0
Accessories ( headstrap, eyetracking system, etc)
Ship date of product model


I do agree timing is not good but if your suppliers are closed it poses other difficulties. Truthfully I am a bit envious as you’d never get that kind of time off as a holiday here in Canada & the USA since business dictates government policy more than ppl do.

But yeah it does make time quite tight for their projections & i have to presume they likely accounted for that. I would imagine some still did some work from home while off.

Hell we used to have a week off for xmas being a factory. Then one year they more or lesd ppsted “Good news due to the needs of the business; Xmas is cancelled!” This was announce 2weeks before hand so no one could scheduled it off. Yet this company claims to support folks having families.


Creativity and Problem solving does not come with ever increasing pressure and limited time… I know lots of “Head of departments” which believe more is more… nothing is further from the truth. So I hope they got the time of they needed to do what needs to be done refueled and with renewed enthusiasm from now onward.


That’s very true. But you don’t need holiday’s for that. I solved most of my coding problems when I was in the shower or in bed :slight_smile:


Pimax warned that they would close from 9 to 25 February, they closed two weeks, not three.


I hope so. Yet they make it look like they’ve just gotten back from their holiday’s. I guess we’ll see when Xunshu posts the update. Either way I’m losing my faith that Pimax starts shipping out units to testers next week.


Where did they say this?


First they should finish an M1 and they do not even comment to be there. Then review it thoroughly and fix problems. Then make the prototypes they need, review and fix them all and, finally, send them, which would also take a while.

That they arrive at the beginning of april seems to me quite optimistic.

I hope Pimax don’t manufacture them in haste or send them with known errors.


I know people. :innocent:
Companies often advise their employees, partners and distributors when they take vacations.


Not trying to sound bummed…but…so…the update is y’all were on vacation and nothing got done?