Pimax 8K Progress [Updated: Feb 6, 2018]


Knowing this is finally going to be my year in China is enough for me. Year of the Dog.


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According to a rumour the German YT blogger Mixedreality has said the following:

“Hi @everyone ! Unfortunately it will take a bit longer until I will receive the Pimax 8k.
I was in touch with Pimax today and asked them if I would still receive the test unit in March.
They told me they won’t be able to deliver this month. Well, in my opinion that is totally fine.
Let them work on the BEST Pimax 8k they can deliver instead of selling some half baked device.
We can still enjoy our current gen headsets a few months more.”

I could not verify this so take it for what it’s worth. But it would seem fitting news to the impression about the progress we are getting so far. If Pimax had sorted out the issues and were gearing up production of the M class prototypes supposed to be delivered to select backers within a few days, we surely would have had a statement from Pimax here already.
Interestingly they only seem to have confirmed that no delivery will take place in March - not that it is postponed to April. So it’s pretty much open ended - likely because issues persist to which they have no solution yet. Difficult to give an updated delivery schedule if the issue is not under control…

But, kind reminder, this rumour is not confirmed yet.


Is this true, Sebastian Ang? @mixedrealityTV are you there?


Oh man I kinda had a feeling this would happen. At least the headset will be good when it is finally done.


Yes, I can confirm. I have received the same reply today. Most likely no M1 units this month.

Just like Sebastian (MixedReality TV) said, I have no hurry and I think the Pimax team are taking a good decision to make sure the product really is finalised and as good as possible upon launch, instead of rushing it out.

Lets calm down and wait a bit longer, guys. Once its out, we will for sure be happy backers! :grinning:



I still have faith in the Pimax team. I’ve switched over to a Samsung Odyssey because i broke my PImax BE. While the Odyssey is an excellent product I can recommend, especially because tracking is built in, I still kinda miss my BE model for two reasons.

I had an older PC up until about 2 weeks ago. And I was having a Better experience with the BE than I did with the Samsung in my favorite VR program, Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3d 4.2.

First, I Did Not Get Dizzy in the Pimax. I think this is specifically because of the framerate doubling method they are using in their headset. The software I used as a VR overlay for Prepar3d, FlyInside would say I had a certain framerate, even down to 20fps, but the experience in the headset was smoother. I did not get VR sickness in the Pimax BE. I think specifically because of their Brainwarp technology. Now I have newer PC and I have not been able to try the broken Pimax BE, but even with double the framerates sent to the Samsung Odyssey, I get VR sickness! This will probably be solved when I rip one of those 1080 ti from a miner, but it’s a noticeable issue that needs to be resolved that I didn’t have with the Pimax BE and Brainwarp Tech.
Second, Pimax BE did not have those GODFORSAKEN GODRAYS!!! OMG I hate seeing them, they make a whole flight GLAREY. Why the Hell are they thinking that these stupid fresnel lenses are the path to go when every Knows eventually to get to the highest quality they will have to go to a regular lens. Seriously bad choice fresnel lenses are.
Actually this kinda brings in a third issue. Even the Samsung Odyssey is still limited by bandwidth issues. The Pimax BE works up to 90hz, but not without an HDMI connection that could run it. I am still on a GTX 780 SLI setup and I’m limited to 60hz on the Odyssey as I was the Pimax BE. Yet I get dizzy on the Odyssey. The Odyssey and BE have the exact same actual resolution.

OK, now a 4th issue. Pimax software actually worked more seemlessly with Vive Steam VR programs and any VR program. The Odyssey requires the overhead of the Windows Mixed Reality program running, and I can tell there is a little bit of performance loss with it. Pimax allowed programs to run a little lower to the drivers and stayed out of the way more.

Those 4 items, along with the build quality of the Pimax BE, are why I believe that Pimax is going to do this right. I don’t know where they are on the fresnel lens issue, but I do know for such a small group they are extraordinarily talented and definitely capable of paying attention to detail enough to pull off the Pimax 8k. I think they are our best hope on the wide high res VR experience we’re all looking for, and if they need more time I’m almost certain any other group would lag behind even more … because they are.


Everyone seems so positive still.
Am i the only one dissatisfied that we have to hear about this from people like sweviver and mixedrealitytv instead of pimax themselves?
Their promise was to be more open and communicate. And i quote: “especially when encountering new issues or problems along the way.”
All i have seen is radio silence…

I am still hoping for an amazing headset sometime this year.
All I’m trying to say is i think many of us are really longing for a little bit of good news for a change.


Thanks a lot, Martin. :slight_smile:


Very, very likely, but I am not bothered by that, as long as I have the normal 8K to tide me over. I backed the 5K too, so I will have that for a bit till I give it to my sister and brother in law :slight_smile:

I hope they don’t rush any of the HMDs out, especially not the 8K X. Get it right, and make it great :smiley:


Things will evolve when majority here will no longer be that positive.

All I can hear (the most) is : very good they delay, we don’t want a flawed headset, and so on.

Gues what: the only flawless headset they can deliver in the near and mid future is this one: NONE.


He he that’s the idea dude to deliver an unflawed headset , and people are so positive because the pimax team are taking there time to get it right!!! We bought into a project, so there are going to be delays,ups and downs!!! So have a beer and relax , stay positive!! Ha ha


So does this mean we don’t get an update?


That means, again, we backers are always the last to be informed by Pimax. This should not happen. :rage:



@anon23564932 @Matthew.Xu @bacon @Pimax-Support


We prefer to update in the forum for our backers when the new information (e.g. progress) confirmed.


Okay but then why have you given selected testers an update & not the community? This is what folks are annoyed by. The update your team gave to folks like @SweViver & such should have been rolled out to the community as well.


I don’t understand what you’re saying Xunshu. Who has to ‘confirm’ the progress? You of all people should KNOW what the progress is. Why not take 5 minutes of your time every week to keep the people who invested their money into your company at least somewhat informed about how it’s going? It’s extremely frustrating to have to hear from other forum members what’s going on and how long you’re shutting down the company for holiday’s. Why not just tell us directly?


Well folks are still waiting for Oculus & vive yo release a headset without flaws. Waiting might suck but there are kickstarter projects that folks have been waiting for over a year & some have gotten absolutely nothing with merry go round updates that only state “working hard” … I think it was SpaceVR that has those updates.


Hm. did we ever find out if it was okay to sell your place in line ? I sold vive already, may be getting out of VR for a bit.