Pimax 8K Progress [Updated: Feb 6, 2018]


The whole of this post made me laugh a little , nothing has happend yet to get upset about just seems like a whole load of impatiens and hounding

Until someone takes delivery of final unit to review it could be blowing clouds of smoke at ces and it would not matter at all ,if all there is to report is that fact that they are still working on it .
WTF could you possibly be entitled to know and how uptight are you about this that demanding detailed information every second of its development could possibly help you.

WE are all waiting for a final unit review ,when they reach there limits of progress on this is when we will find out if there is anything to moan about ,if we all had to work with people demanding details every second ,some people do granted and most likely work a lot slower given the actual amount of breathing space we have to think about things in any given moment without distraction from the problem at hand.

So demanding and hounding only loads on to a problem and they would certainly not benefit from spending time each week or month figuring a way to explain what and how they are working


Well while I agree with 99% of your post. Some irritation can be understandable with things PiMax had said about updating.

Ie refresh rate progress. However if one reads carefully one may surmise by what @xunshu said more or less nothing new to report as of yet.

But this is where the learning curve comes in. Simply post an update with something like

Refresh Rate Progress WiP - still evaluating potenial solutions.

A simple report template can be used updating what has progress while showing other items still open.


Thanks ,LOL it wouldn’t take to long for people to say that it was being ignored because it had not changed for a while from WIP- still evaluating potential solutions. to STILL WIP - still evaluating potential solutions, ah some people ay.


Sorry but this is just a bunch of nonsense. Obviously Pimax is interested in their backer’s opinion, they keep touring their prototypes, even went to CES to let people try the latest version and are constantly communicating here on the forum. But some forum visitors (not specifically you) here get all angry when they see others formulate criticism or simply ask about a status update that was promised to them. Maybe you guys should relax a bit, everybody here wants this to be a success. Getting all hyped up and angry at people who formulate criticism or are inquiring about a promised update, is really helping nobody and just a waste of your time and energy.


[quote=“sjefdeklerk, post:187, topic:5124”]
Maybe you guys should relax a bit, everybody here wants this to be a success. Getting all hyped up and angry at people who formulate criticism or are inquiring about a promised update, is really helping nobody and just a waste of your time and energy.[/quote]
I agree 100%. Pimax clearly has some of the problems any new small company has, but there’s no need to get bent out of shape about it. I want to help them succeed; that’s the only way we’ll get the HiRes HiFOV VR we want. They need to take whatever time is necessary, to ensure the 8K works well. I don’t like waiting (who does?), but it will be worth it if the final product is good.


It is not only a matter of letting them the time to fix things or not being happy with the delay.

Yesterday I watched the ITW from MTBS at CES with Ru Wang, she seems a nice person and she always make me happy when I see her discussing about the pimax with VR enthusiasts, but when she is asked if the 8K will come with an integrated audio, she’s… not sure ? And when she’s asked about the delivery date for the backers she says Q1… oO

That was a few days before pimax informs us about the delay to Q2 with this progress update, and their Sr. Marketing Director was still thinking it will ship in Q1, really ?

Add this to the many flaws of the v5 in a big show like the CES and now the delay and vague answer from pimax about those flaws and their possible fix, sorry but from an external point of view this is sending several signals Pimax has serious organisation issues…

How then could I stay confident and just leave Pimax more time believing they will do the fix in time ? How could I believe they have planned a proper beta testing ? Sorry but no, those organisation flaws are accumulating recently and must be pointed at them to be sure they aknowledge them and take appropriate measures to make things more seriously. I’m not gonna just wait and risk the HMD will be buggy or another delay is needed because they would have underestimated the flaws seen on the v5 or been over confident in their ability to resolve them. The recent signals leaking from them make me think they have to wake up somehow.


Do you realy think that Marketing (however nice )would be also free to interrupt, this only seems to reflect pressure to complete this unit on-time.

The cynic in me see,s a frustrated pimax being so close with the v2 ,now holding to the last wanting to announce more than they can


hi futurists,
i am an 8K backer ,and i just wanted to say that i am happy for pimax’s update.
The way i look at it is ,they know all the issues from CES ,and worries people have from these forums and i believe that they will be hard at work fixing these issues.V2 and V3 were really good going by reviews and just needed more refinement so with no fixed delivery dates ,pimax have all the time they need to make the product that we all want.I backed this project because Pimax have built a hmd before ,and i think they know what there doing and what they want to achieve with this one.So im wishing them the best of luck and look forward to the next update


I have compared Pimax to CIG,for it’s complete transparency but they are like chalk and cheese otherwise with Pimax we get a complete product,only the software is actually in a beta state.

CIG,we get updates and non stop coverage of those updates,also we have something tangible we now have alpha 3.0

The seamless proc tech for the moons is the best I have ever seen best of all we can actually as of now this minute test the alpha it’s not vapour ware it maybe not a solid object such as Pimax but I for one am getting value for what ever money I spent on it right now.


With doing roadshows its not always easy to be up to date. It can be pretty daunting with jet lag & setting up & taking down. It is likely with the q1 answer is just what she has been accustomed to answering that question.

The integrated audio from my awareness might not be easy to answer. Now all backers are getting integrated audio via the deluxe headstrap. But i do believe the final consumer purchaseable headset the audio deluxe head mount will be an option. Much like the 4k headset had an option to buy with headphones & without.

Folks need to keep in mind your seeing a product evolve from prototyping as such you will see things in the ruff.


youguys can always buythe new headset from vive with godrays and sde from the BIG COMPANY VIVE HTC… gimme a break, pimax so little and trying to break terrirory, and you don’t even give them kuddo for trying, i wish you give HTC a harder time then you would give pimax…its pretty unfair.

Thats like a marathon with a ‘normal’ human being vs a dwarf. the dwarf has to do 2 steps for every step 1 adult does. ANd eventually the dwarf is closer to the finish then the ‘normal’ adult, yet noone notice he has to do 2 steps for every1 step the other guy does, with other words, he does more work to reach that finish line, and noone applaud for him?

In fact people start too boo at him and tell him to run faster.
There is criticism allowed, but i don’t like unfair criticism and that is of course my personal issues and i will defend that at all cost.

Can you guys also say some positive things about pimax? or is it only your negativity that has impacted your view?
I guess most have nothing to say, just waiting for new pieces of information from the dev team so you can unleash again at it.

Like i said go buy the new HTC if you still don’t understand what pimax trying to force…they take such a huge leap, noone credit them for it? They try to break different obstacles…yet noone appluad or even understand how hard that might be…

NO they only care about they want their HMD at january, but if its march ooh boy it must be broken…Clearly most don’t understand the tech inside of 8k pimax and how much it takes to deliver something decent.

SO how long does VIVE worked at their new headset? 2 years? and still godrays and sde…oh plz give pimax a break and be more supportive. what a big company with billion dollars can’t do…this little company is trying ot push 50x ahead of what VIVE want to do.

Whenever the delivery might be, should not matter, what should matter for all of us, is that this will be at least the new standard for the future. 180-200fov+90hz.

And only for that pimax should succeed, to kick all other companies in the butt and ask them to get off the fence and start producing something that makes a real change.

Pimax is like the electric car, it takes alooong to produce 1 and the tech is still early. But all other companies still use oil…

end of rant*


I like the analogy and totally agree, their seems to be very little support for the little guy who has the courage to run with the best.


It also make it much harder that the little guy is from a different culture to the majority and have different cultural nuances that don’t always make sense and transcend the natural language barrier.


Hi Cams86, not really targeted exclusively to you here, HTC made a decision to build a new headset targeted to the current market and not only for a niche market like 8K from Pimax. I have a Nvidia 1060 and can’t even drive my current HTC vive to it’s full power. My plan was to upgrade to a 1080 or 1080ti but the cryptocurrency miners had other plans for me…

So “bravo” to HTC for the economic sense, why would they choose to loose money for the 5% to 10% of customers wanting full VR now instead of in 3 years. This argument remind me of some debates about Linux vs Microsoft.

Now Fresnel lenses and those dreadful god rays , how many of you without digging on the internet can tell us why those savvy engineers from Oculus and HTC choose this type of lenses?


The Fresnel lenses where simply the best and most affordable at the time. With the possibility of foveated rendering you will not hopefully need a beastly graphics card. Everyone already knows that HTC and Oculus are going for the bigger market and aren’t releasing the best they could to cater to the small enthusiast market. So “bravo” to Pimax for offering possibly what the others are not.


So if Everyone already knows could we stop complaining about HTC and Oculus design?

“. With the possibility of foveated rendering”, I don’t think it’s going to hit mass market soon… so it’s irrelevant for the next 6 to 12 months.


I know your not directing your comment at me but I have not complained about the HTC design as others have. Like in sports. people always seem to want to pick a side or player it makes them feel more involved and maybe by some how shouting from the stands negativity they think somehow they are going to effect the outcome of the game or race. Maybe they can. Some of this is also driven by the investor stock holders of course. I own both the Oculus Rift CV1 and HTC Vive since day 1 and have enjoyed both in situations, without them we would not be where we are obviously. As a Pimax backer I look forward to another player on the track or field and fully support their efforts.


Just trying to a read thread called “Pimax 8K progress update” with to much noise to my taste :wink:

My point is that many people forget that an optical system is all about trade off, we could have the best glass optical system weighting 2-3 lbs and costing 500$ for the optical parts only. Pimax will also have great trade off to consider with it’s 200 degree FOV. We should be very careful about trowing discredit to another manufacturer concept before we have the Pimax 8K in our hands


You might be right about foveated rendering not being ready for mass market in 6 to 12 mos. Hopefully when it will be ready Pimax will be one of the first to take advantage of what it has to offer.:slight_smile:


Well no real debate between MS & Linux. MS enjoys a strong standing on the desktop; Linux pretty much dominates everything else & most don’t even know they have used it. Now Linux as it has been gaining momentum on the desktop just still slow going.

Truth we should be looking at VR in the case of the standard 110 fov as its own line where as PiMax 5k/8k with 200 fov being something new & aside from Acer/Starbreezes’ StarVR & HeroVR has no current real competition & even still a reg consumer cannot buy either of those 2.

Now with Acer owning the majority share or all of StarVR we may see a consumer version somewhere in the future but both StarVR & HeroVR are only equivalent to the PiMax 5K.

HTC upgraded their headset to stay relevant to their current biggest threat Samsung Odyssy. So they matched resolution & upgraded tracking system. It is surprising they didn’t work on a Fresnel v2.0 lens though. On the good HTC now needs to release Vive Tracking puck v2.0 as well. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

Aa for optics i think at some point we will see a different solution evolve.

Wearability is neat as from what I read is a hybrid Fresnel system.

As for update? I have posted a link in Official 5k\8k Updates to Xunshu’s post.