Pimax 8K Progress [Updated: Feb 6, 2018]


K sure bro, but i might believe you will upgrade to next platform from nvidia? Then by then we could assume their 2060gtx=1070gtxti power.

for 250-300€ your settled to full power your hmd
But i understand your idea, thats also the reason why we still have 85% marketcap for 1080p monitors or maybe a bit less and more shifting to 1440p,

Well we can assume at this rate, VR mainstream is somewhere in 2021 maybe.
In 2021 when a 150€ card is 50% stronger then our 1080gtx now. And every household that buys a pc is VR ready; Plenty time for dev to make decent games or learn,

Anyone heard about the ‘VR game’ rockstar made their old LA noire into VR


If only it worked like that :slight_smile: In reverse that is like saying a GTX 970 is “now” finally worth the reduced cost however technology has moved on. Games use more demanding features. In 2021 VR will be 4k/8K per eye @ 120/240Hz etc. The best VR will always demand top tier kit. Entry level VR will require the GTX 970 of 2021.


Lot of things can happen by 2021, SLI VR, foveated rendering…


Holodeck :grin: :grin:


But is this a good analogy ? Is Pimax really that poor little dwarf that will just sit down and cry when he gets criticism for not running hard enough? That poor little dwarf who needs a forum visitor for him to stand up because he’s too poor and small to defend himself? I don’t think this at all. Pimax obviously is very serious about releasing the 8k, they’ve secured almost $20.000.000 to develop the HMD and have come a very long way, even before securing that 20 million dollar!

Besides that, the criticism here is not meant to bully or talk anyone down. It’s meant to show Pimax that they should not rush the headset, like they’re obviously doing now, but to take their time to get things right. To give them new idea’s on how to do things better. To improve and to make the best possible product.


I was going to mention the anthology is flawed as any drunken irishman will tell you leprechauns maybe small but very fast & difficult to catch. :joy::joy::joy:


I was going to say the analogy is flawed, because many women will tell you that size matters, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, fall short, deliver to soon …


Guys, if the original January release estimated 8K headset has been moved to around June (within Q2).

Then I wonder if the Q2 release 8K-X also been moved months forward to, maybe into Q4?

For those of us who have pledged on an 8K-X it would be nice to know the approximate release window.

Thank you.


Not sure if been posted already but love that interview :slight_smile:
Makes me smile (in a good way) and feel confident .
Really looking forward to get my Baby 5K
Big Up for Pimax​:facepunch:t4::+1:t4:



no its not the best analogy, but maybe i should not even expect criticism on HTC on a pimax forum hahaha :smiley:

And maybe the difference lies that pimax has to raise funds? and HTC doesn’t.

At least as backers we have a tracking on how things develop before final product, that in itself is nice. Maybe 1% of our feedback reach the devs.

All by all i don’t think any of us lost money in this project, we just need to have patience, we also got some nice extra add ons for free.

And at the end of the day, if you don’t like the item, you can always sell it, there will be plenty people waiting to get one i believe, if they can grab one before international launch im sure people will


:smiley: that why they never catch one

One must go prepared to catch leprechauns.


I’m not worried about the money at all, got plenty of it :slight_smile: What I’m worried about is that Pimax rushes this HMD to the market and we won’t have a decent HMD for the next 2 years to come. I really think the Pimax 8k is our ONLY shot at that. The fact that they’re leaving the prototype stage and moving onto the manufacturing stage worries me. I really hope Pimax rethinks that strategy and first irons out the problems before moving onto the manufacturing stage.


I’d happily give up on the add-ons for an HMD featured as advertised, particularly in relation to the refresh rate. I do think that contractual offerings should be honored, but I have zero interest in the lens frame, usb powered fans, wireless discount, eye-tracking module (probably will not support FOVeted rendering anyway), etc… I’d rather they spent all their resources and effort in an HMD which, at the very least, provides the v3 prototype experience with a refresh rate as close as 90hz as possible. I think that most of us would gladly forego many, if not all, stretch goals for a fully featured HMD. Just my position on this matter.


I hope that the “M” only means it has been manufactured with the mass manufacturing method; in fact this M1 would be the M2, since the M1 should actually be the v5.


Yes, a good Lighthouse 2.0 tracking and with images without distortion.


Word. I wish they’d forget about all add-ons and first iron out the HMD problems. If the HMD doesnt even work well, who cares about the add-ons? I hope Pimax realizes that.


Surely they will be focused only on the problems of the headset.


I miss the date of next update, what is it? Please?


They’re going to send out the M1 version of the headset in about 5-6 weeks to a group of testers. I’m assuming their feedback will be the next ‘update’.


Well like I said with M1 its more likely the shell componets & not electrical componets.