Pimax 8K Progress [Updated: Feb 6, 2018]


Keep in mind that core add-ons with the exceptions of eye-tracking & wireless module are minor in house. Deluxe headband, fans & vr frame. The other 2 are partners so not being focused by the team.

That being said folks need to realize with the eye tracking modul being “free” is a bigger potenial expense vs a $100 coupon.


Analysts should only confirm that there are no problems, or point out some small defects that Pimax could have missed. Sending the headsets to analysts knowing that there are problems does not make any sense.


Sure, but I for one would prefer that all resources were put into producing the best possible HMD, even if it means procuring better electronics to make it reach 90hz, and I’d gladly forego all stretch goals to that end.


I don’t disagree. Imho the Eye tracking modul should have been a coupon like the wireless modul… Or rather it should have been a general $100 coupon that backers could use towards a modul/item of choice. But the team due to folks complaining about not wanting another “lousy” (no offense) coupon chose to give the eye tracking modul as a backer gift.

I myself & a few others did feel that the team already gave enough full free items.

4.2m is not much once you start adding up costs
-$200,000 for ces (sj mentioned)
-rough estimate of $3000-4000 travel costs/event (hotel, cabs, flight, meals etc)
-free 3rdparty modul x Y headsets as 6000 backers is more than 6k headsets.
-developement costs
-mfg costs
& more.


@mattforum I Absolutely agree with everything you just said, I especially hope that Pimax aren’t sacrificing engineering time on the headset itself to do the eye tracking module etc.

Personally I can’t imagine how foveated rendering could ever feel completely unobtrusive and natural in actual use.

I think it will become quickly obvious that foveated rendering is just a fad/compromise and you’re actually much better off by turning it off and just fully rendering the whole screen.


The eye tracking modul is not being developed by pimax. If mem serves partner Adhawk is developing this modul.

Which is likely to maybe come out in q4?

Foveate rendering is not likely going the way of a fad as unlike a standard display its not necessary to render the full resolution to all parts of the panel & could also help to reduce min gpu spec needed for higher details. And also adds immersion factor as your ig avatar can show where its looking.


What’s the latest on audio options?


Free eye tracking ‘as advertised’ was one of the main reasons for my decision to join KS
But now i see how it looks from backer side relateviley what PiMax promises.
Hope they will grow stronger.


The eye tracking modul is not being developed by pimax.

Yes but I wasn’t really talking about just the eye tracking module, I meant spending time on any/all such ancillary stuff, such as Pimax’s own controllers and lighthouses, headband, audio and anything else not directly to do with the headset itself, which is why I wrote “etc.” at the end.
Besides even if Pimax aren’t developing the eye tracking module themselves, they would probably still be handling some time-consuming interruptions around working with Adhawk for things like business/project management, coordination and technical integration questions/issues and testing.

its not necessary to render the full resolution to all parts of the panel & could also help to reduce min gpu spec needed for higher details.

I agree this makes it possible to use cheaper lower spec GPUs to give (nearly) the same VR experience, but I can’t imagine that people will not find foveated rendering intrusive at some level, since it cannot ever be perfect. There will always be some small lag, eye tracking error or extra peripheral bluriness that will make it somewhat noticeable compared to just rendering the full screen. The real question is, will it feel enough of a compromise to spend more money on a more powerful GPU to just render everything full-screen, which is a subjective opinion that comes down to the individual. As I said, I expect it will turn out that for those of us not on a limited GPU budget, the subjectively better choice would be to just turn off foveated rendering completely.

And also adds immersion factor as your ig avatar can show where its looking.

That’s just dependent on eye tracking, you don’t need foveated rendering enabled for that. Besides I’m not going to care enough about what others see to waste money on it.
Beyond foveated rendering, the only good use of eye-tracking that I’ve seen is as another form of input, such as to help you aim.


Sure pimax will need to work with them but i submit that this will be more likely fine tuning it after ks backers or test group giving feedback. Likely if we receive tge headsets in late q2 the eye tracking is likely to come out during end of q3 but more likely q4.

Lighthouses & controllers are going to be minor since for the most part are based on reference designs. The deluxe headmount audio is even simpler as really its mainly adding earphones.

The main thing imho is not to cave to impatient backers & rush to ship; which so far so good. Quality first.

With eye tracking for ig eyes is a boon in multi-player shooters as you would be able to see when a player is looking away & sneak up easier for the up close kill. (Something i am looking forward to)


Absolutely. Haven’t they sub-contracted pretty much all of that stuff?


I don’t know, they’ve been vague about most of it, like about the wireless option. There’s currently no hardware out there that can even power the 8k wireless so I don’t know if they have plans to develop it themselves? I think they confirmed the eye tracker to be sub-contracted. But even then, Pimax would need to integrate it into their software. The main reason for wanting the eye tracker would be forveated distortion rendering, so that means rewriting a lot of their driver code. I’m just hoping they’re putting that low on their agenda and first focus on the HMD itself.


Well, TPCast 2.0 is supposed to be able to support “8K”, but of course that may be hollow if they would mean to say “8K, subject to a HUGE compression performed by our transmitter unit” as with that logic one could also add 16K, 32K…
So you would have to expect compression artefacts all over the place if that were the deal.

But after all, the 8K will not ask drastically more pixel load than the Samsung or Vive Pro, so I suppose it will be feasible. Question is only at which cost & quality.


No it’s not.


No, foveated rendering is the only way with high resolutions.


Latest State about the Add-On Modules:

8k Wireless Adapter:


Yeah that’s what I mean, it’s quite vague. Things like "We have designed the interface, currently working with partners with the detailed schedule. ". It seems they’re planning to have most of the work subcontracted but it still does seem like a lot of work for themselves too.

TPcast 2.0 with 50x compression. LOL. You can easily support 32K like that, you just need to kill enough details and lower quality, like @Axacuatl just said.


Exactly. TPCast 2.0 is apparently just the same old TPCast 1 hardware just now running a codec that compresses the hell out of the image (i.e throws all the detail away) so it can get 1440pX2 signal over a connection that is limited to vive-resolution bandwidth, which effectively eliminates the whole point of an 8K display.


So the 60gb wireless like intel wigi is more the options we’d be more needing.


i would expect development would typically have delays…
but mass production in china is easy, so when final version is complete they will just mass produce.

i wont be going straight into getting the 8K, i want to wait a year till because i dont like messing with initial bugs and updates…but i am sure it will be an awesome buy and is the only one in the market which can allow what i consider true VR experience with the 4K per eye and 210deg field of view.

i hope to wait a bit for prices to come down as i think you can only experience true VR if it doesnt have cables attached but the wireless systems i see sell for up to $600 and probably has bugs.